A Huge Craigslist Opportunity!

It is not often when changes in major destination websites create real opportunities but the most recent change on Craigslist has created a huge one to anyone using our LCM technology or Ultimate Website.  Check this out!

Over the last couple of weeks Craigslist has changed their site to prevent HTML “<a> tags” or clickable links on real estate ads. The changes took place market by market, but near as we can determine, last Thursday, the changes became global.

cl change

What that means is that where before you could post a live outbound hyperlink to another website or LCM, it now means that your link will only appear as a string of text. For example, instead of a link that looks like this:


you will now have a link that looks like this:


What that means is that a hurdle has been placed in the customer path by Craigslist.  Instead of the customer viewing your Craigslist ad being able to simply click the link, he now must copy and paste the link into his browser window to go to your website or LCM.  You’re probably thinking, “Okay, Matt… why is this a huge opportunity?”

There are two huge reasons why this is an opportunity to agents who use my LCM or Ultimate Website.  The first reason is that when you have a website that captures leads much more efficiently than your competition, lower traffic is an advantage.  Let me explain that.

new cl ad

Let’s say that a typical Craigslist ad before the change had 50 to 100 visitors who clicked the link for more information.  Now having to copy and paste the link drops the number of visitors to between 10 and 20.  Here is why that’s so important.  The typical real estate website only captures about 1% of its visitors.

Now think about a typical agent who has been putting up 3 or 4 ads a day and getting an occasional lead from it — that agent is now going to get no leads at all.  If you were that agent going to the trouble of putting up numerous ads every day and getting nothing in return, what would you do?  You’d quit doing it.

On the other hand, if you use my ultimate website, you will still capture leads.  Maybe not as many at first, but those you do capture will be higher quality because they have pre-qualified themselves as being of a higher interest level.  More importantly, you will have fewer and fewer competing agents because they will get nothing in return for their efforts.

But here is the second reason my Ultimate Website users have a huge opportunity.  By using the LCM phone gateway that is included with the Ultimate Website, you have the option of capturing leads by using a phone number.  Simply add the following to your Craigslist ad:

For more information on this home call my automated property hotline at:

888-202-8988 and enter extension: 0543.

People who would not even think of calling an agent directly will call the hotline number because it is non-threatening.  And your LCM phone gateway works 24 hours a day, 7 days  a week.  You will immediately receive the lead by text and email and you can call them with more information.

So, if you are using my Ultimate Website, this is your lucky day!  You should probably send Craigslist a thank you card for giving you such a great opportunity.  If you aren’t yet using my Ultimate Website with LCM technology, you really ought to check it out.

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