A Lead a Day Keeps the Poverty Away

Well, 2013 is officially in the books! If you are like many agents I know, you’ve taken the last couple of weeks pretty easy and today you are finally back in the office getting set for the new year. Maybe you’ve even done some planning for this coming year. I hope so.

If you’re like most agents, you’ve come into the office, spent a few minutes sharing holiday stories with your fellow agents and staff, and finally you’ve had a moment to sit down and think about getting started on those goals you have for 2014.

But if you’re truly honest with yourself, that’s where the wheels begin to fall off the wagon. Sure you have optimistic goals — big goals — but you have absolutely no idea where all that business is going to come from. And a “goal” without the “how” is just a pipe dream.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Let me share an email I received this week from an agent named Gary who started using my Ultimate Website less than a month ago. In fact, he signed up on December 9. His language might seem a little crude to some, but I appreciate his brutal honesty and thought I’d share it “uncensored”.

“Your system works too damned good! Just started using it — 1 HUD home accepted, 2 listings taken and 3 appointments set. Wife is mad that I am always working but the settlement checks will calm her down. Great system!” — Gary H.

I was curious so I had my staff log into his account. In 3 weeks he’s generated 22 leads. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing spectacular or earth shattering. Just a slow and steady flow of new inbound leads. Both buyer and seller leads.

What I like about Gary is that he just “gets it”. He’s not trying to generate hundreds of leads that end up dying on the vine because he doesn’t have time to follow up. Instead, he’s just consistently generating a lead or two a day, day in and day out. That gives him all the time he needs to work them and work them well.

In three weeks he’s put one buyer under contract, put two sellers under contract, and has three more appointments so you know a couple of those will be business too. And that’s probably the three slowest weeks of the entire year over the holidays. No wonder his wife is upset! She’s probably thinking, if it’s like this now, what’s it going to be like in the Spring?!

So if you find yourself sitting in the office wondering where your busy 2014 is going to come from, I encourage you to look into starting the year off trying my Ultimate Website. It’s not going be a magic money tree, but it can be a steady and reliable source of business for you just like it is for Gary.

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