A Tale of Two Agents

I received an email last night from our coaching department and it made my day!  I’ll share it in a minute.  The first part of the email was normal coaching stuff that I won’t bother you with, but the part that I really loved was this:

matt mouser 200

“Thanks again for all your help with everything.  I have 5 pending transactions directly resulting from my LCM and Ultimate Website, and I also have 1 pending deal that was referred by a client I found through my LCM.

You could say that 6 of my 7 current pendings from January are from my LCM. I’m very happy with the product you offer. Thanks!” — Matt Mouser

Matt has only been with us for six months.  What makes me even happier is that he is from one of the worst markets in the entire country — Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I only wish I received this kind of email from every single agent who tries my Ultimate Website.

Why is it working so well for Matt?  I’ll tell you why. Before writing this article, I pretended to be a customer and checked out his website.  Interestingly, it’s set up exactly like mine.  He’s also been very active with our coaching staff.  Good!  That’s precisely why we have our coaching staff.  Matt is smart enough to take advantage of our unlimited free coaching.  Obviously it works.

By way of contrast, last night I heard from an agent who’s been with us for some time.  He’s generated lots of leads but he hasn’t contacted our coaching staff for help and he’s frustrated because he’s not making a lot of money.  I won’t share his name because I would never want to embarrass him, but I wanted you to understand the difference.

It simply goes to reinforce the fact that our system, if you will actually follow it, will make you lots of money.  Think about it — six closings in one month directly from a system that costs only $2.22 a day!  And that’s in one of the worst markets in the country.  Imagine what it would do in yours.  Is it just me, or is this a no-brainer?

I want to publicly applaud Matt Mouser.  Great job bro!  You’ve taken control of your real estate practice and you will never have to worry about where that next deal is coming from.  Just keep doing what you’re doing!  Lots of people won’t believe you, but you just keep smiling and cashing those commission checks!  My hat’s off to you.

To my readers, if you haven’t tried my Ultimate Website, I encourage you to follow Matt’s awesome example and give it a try today.  It costs very little to try, but not trying it could cost you a lot.  What would six average commission checks in your market be?  That’s what you are losing every month you don’t give the Ultimate Website a try.

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