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If you have followed my training for any length of time, you know that I love to share reader emails on a regular basis. I don’t always ask permission to share them either. I can’t help it — hearing success stories from my readers is the best part of my job, and I want to give your email the opportunity to inspire others to the same successes you’ve had.

I want to share just a handful of my favorite emails that I have received from my readers this year. Why? Because I believe that seeing success makes it more achievable in your own practice. Check out some of success stories I’ve received from your fellow readers. You can’t help but be inspired by their words.


I HAD to email you. I’ve worked in and around the real estate business for years, but this is my first year as a full time agent. I found your LCM technology last month, and I immediately knew that that’s what was missing from my practice. I set it up and posted my first free ad in about 15 minutes just like you showed me and I got two customers overnight!!! I called one lead immediately, got them qualified the SAME DAY, and now we are closing just three weeks after showing them their dream home!

Plus, I’m still getting 3-4 new customers per week from my FREE ads. I can honestly say I’m thrilled about my future in real estate, because I don’t have to worry about where my next customer will come from! Thank you!!! – Charlyn, NC

unnamed(1)Dear Matt,

As a new agent, I was broke and ready to quit real estate due to the lack of business after only four months. Then I found the LCM Gateway technology, and my business has never been the same.

I’ve used the LCM Gateway for two years. When I started using it, I was a rookie agent and had only sold one home. After my first full year with them, I was named the top producer in my company of 21 agents (and again the following year) and was ranked in the top 3% of agents in my metro area.

All the other agents in our region are saying it is the slowest year they’ve ever seen, but I’ve had more business than I can handle. So much that I recently hired a full time administrative assistant and started my own team. The LCM Gateway solved my “no-business” problem! Thanks! – Jason, KY

unnamedMatt, I signed up for your technology the last week in February and started advertising March 1st.

Today at 9:30 am (March 2nd), I received our second customer that filled out the form thru the LCM, called him while he was still online looking at our IDX, and we had an appointment with him at noon to look at homes. He looked at 8 homes today and is likely to write an offer tomorrow.

Although we may have gotten it done without your assistance (and we may not have!) and it’s a “tiny” deal by our standards…..we’ll gladly accept the $8,000 in gross commission dollars that this deal should bring!

Thanks a ton for your help! (Now…I’ve got more leads to jump on, gotta get on the phone. First day of Homegain leads and we’ve paid for 32 visitors at $1.50 each, I have 7 people in my database….under $7 per lead. WOO HOOOOO!) – Dennis


When I started in real estate, I struggled to close one deal a month. I had a standard template website and thought I was “advanced” because I used pay-per-click advertising. But I closed only a few deals from it. At the time, it was the best I could do.

When I heard about your Ultimate Website, I was pretty skeptical. You suggested that simply by replacing my old website with yours that I could capture 25-30 times as many leads! I decided to take the leap of faith, and within two days my lead count exploded. I was spending the same ad dollars, but generating literally 30 times more leads than before.

I had to cut back on advertising just so I could keep up with the leads! And we closed 126 transactions our first year and 130 our next, which was a “slow market” according to the so-called experts.

Anyway, just wanted to say THANK YOU. – Kyle, ID


I had been using your Ultimate Website for just one week. I took the “orientation” and followed your instructions placing free craigslist ads. On the second day I got a client and sold a $135,000 house within 14 days. Plus I currently have more customers in the pipeline than at any other point since I got into real estate five years ago. And I’m no longer spending ANY money on advertising. This is a short story… do I have to say more?

Thanks! – Lilo, FL

unnamed(4)Dear Matt:

Just to update you on a previous email I wrote, I signed up with you in mid-March and after a few days of trial and error I actually began. I received my fourth lead on March 20, and today, May 10, we closed. A total of 51 days — not bad!

Of the 35 leads I’ve gotten, I set up 14 on automatic listings (by email) campaigns, had 2 hangups and 5 wrong numbers. Others I have not been able to get in touch with. I expect to make at least 1 listing and 1 sale in the next 2 weeks… – Alan, CA

unnamed(3)Hey Matt,

I’m so excited I just had to email you! I had my first closing from a website lead this week! I started using your ultimate website about a month ago, and I’ve gotten at least one customer every day, just from craigslist.

One of the first leads that came to me was a new construction buyer. Now four weeks later the deal is closed. My commission was $7085! The best part is I also have two more pending contracts in the pipeline. It couldn’t be simpler! Where have you been all my life!? – Kim, NC

unnamed(5)Hi Matt,

Wanted to share my numbers from just the past two weeks, Aug 28 – Sep 11:

? 70 new customers total

? 30 I actually talked to (some conversations were very quick or I got hung up on)

? 15 I setup on auto-email of homes

Right now, I have one deal pending from the total number of customers I’ve received. I had another pending, but it fell apart (I’ll sell him something else, so not worried there). I’m showing houses actively to about 5 buyers right now. And I have 52 people in total getting auto-emailed homes. In other words, a huge pipeline of business!

Thanks! – Matt, MI

Of course, this is only a small fraction of all the emails I’ve received over the past twelve months. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time send me a quick report of your successes with the Ultimate Website technology. I can honestly say that hearing from you is hands down the best part of my job. If you have a story you would like to share, send it to me directly at Thank you!

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