How is this for your typical "Realtor" photo? Sorry, nobody ever accused me of being a typical Realtor.
How is this for your typical “Realtor” photo? Sorry, nobody ever accused me of being a typical Realtor.
Dear Fellow Agent:

I came into real estate twelve years ago after selling the last of my automotive franchises wanting to downsize. Being new, I began doing everything the “experts” said to do and I nearly failed in the process. But before giving up, I decided to try one last thing.I replaced my website with a site I designed specifically to capture online shoppers, and I was not even remotely prepared for what happened next.

My business exploded! I went from famine to feast overnight. Sure enough, the customers had all gone online.That year I went on to list 114 homes and close 61 transactions! Amazing! As you can imagine, word of my new-found success traveled fast and soon I was asked to speak at several agent conferences to share my story. When I did agents wanted me to build them the same technology I was using in my practice.

The truth is, I never planned to be in the technology business but I wanted to help other agents who were struggling like I was… you know, the principle of reaping what you sow. Since most agents aren’t “geeks” and can’t build their own websites, I finally decided that I would be willing to do it for them and license it to them. That was my original LCM (lead capture module).

Now twelve years and many generations later, my Ultimate Website system is the complete technology package. It has literally every tool a working agent needs to build a thriving business in today’s real estate market.

From website to phone to text to social media lead capture, to a full featured modern website, to an auto-blog, to single property websites for listings, to client management and a mobile application, the Ultimate Website has it all. Nothing else is even close in features or in price. But don’t take my word for it — check out what other agents have to say. If you still have questions, you’re welcome to contact me, and I’ll be happy to try to help you.

The truth is, if you’re a hands on person (and most of us are), the best way to see how the technology works is to just try it out. There’s no long-term contract, and you can cancel anytime for any reason, with no hard feelings. There’s no risk, and I’ve made it that way on purpose.

But if you’re like most agents, you won’t cancel. You’ll use it to connect with dozens of new real estate customers every month without spending a dime in advertising. So try it out and see for yourself — your practice will never be the same again. I promise.

Matt Jones

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