Become a New Home Specialist

The last installment was more geared toward brokers and team leaders so I will make this one for agents.  I’ll warn you: This strategy will not make you friends, but it will make you money.  If you are like most agents today, you are struggling for sales opportunities. You know what to do when you find a new customer, and hopefully, you do a great job.  The problem is finding enough customers.

Here’s a great way to find new customers, and it costs almost nothing.  It works best if you have a pickup truck or mini-van, but that isn’t necessary.  You will be working out of your vehicle, so it is important that it be clean and nice looking, whatever it is.  Here is your investment:  Go out and buy some magnetic signs that say “New Home Sales” and your company name as required by law.  Contact local builders and tell them you are specializing in new construction sales, but would like to represent buyers.

Almost all builders (regardless of their listing agent) will be happy to supply you with floor plans, feature sheets, subdivision maps, pricing, etc. that you can put together into a three ring binder.  Now all you have to do is be driving around in those new construction neighborhoods about the time people come by to look at homes.

You are an “expert” since you have the specifics on every home, you have a builder key, and you have your sign on your vehicle telling the world you are!  So every evening (from about 4:00 to 7:00, you troll for new home buyers.  You have a mobile file cabinet with all your forms and supplies, and you can write an offer from the home or from your vehicle.

The listing company will often not appreciate your trolling for buyers in “their” neighborhood.  Tough!  You are not representing the builder, they are.  But you have every right to represent buyers of new homes.  What’s particularly cool about this strategy is that at about the same time most agents are going home from spending the day in the model home, the traffic in the neighborhood begins to pick up as buyers are cruising around after work looking for their next dream house.

You have the expertise, the key, the flashlight (if need be), and all the paperwork to make it easy.  Your lender is on call.  Nobody else is around to help them, and you just got an easy sale by being in the right place at the right time.  Plus, it’s new construction so there won’t be problems with appraisals, inspections, or unmotivated sellers.  Better yet, the prices will be higher, and your clients will be thrilled!  How cool is that?!  That’s Max-Bang!

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  1. author Michelle Lawther Fradella Barfuss posted December 3rd 2010. 1:03 pm Reply

    I’ve been a Certified New Home Specialist (CNHS)for years. It was a great niche until construction came to a hault in this market. Be sure to not put your eggs all in one basket!

  2. author Janice Bratene posted December 3rd 2010. 2:49 pm Reply

    Are you saying that the builder will give you a key to show the homes after hours? This could really be a help to buyers who are working and have had to wait until the week end to look!

  3. author Matt Jones posted December 3rd 2010. 3:45 pm Reply

    Thank you guys for reading and for your great comments! Janice, not sure how it is in your market, but in most markets, all builders have what is called a “buider’s key” which opens all new locksets until right prior to closing when they break the internal tabs in the lockset so it only works with the specific key for that lock.

    Most lumber yards will sell you a “builder key” if you show them your license. Costs about $2 and works every new construction home in town. Thanks again for reading and for taking a moment to post.

  4. author Matt Jones posted December 3rd 2010. 4:51 pm Reply

    No, I’m not talking about going behind the sign. In most markets all builders use the same universal key on new construction and often on rehabs. It is because they are changing the door locks anyway and they won’t have to pay for lock boxes.

  5. author Roy Eldridge posted December 3rd 2010. 1:25 pm Reply

    That sounds like a good idea, all areas are different but could work here.

  6. author Anonymous posted December 3rd 2010. 4:12 pm Reply

    Hello Matt, I don’t get it though. How can you contact a builder directly and ask for a key when he has a listing agent already?

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