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Welcome to the real estate training blog of Matt Jones, President and CEO of We trust that you will find this blog to have some of the freshest and most truly unique content you’ve ever seen. Expect to get challenged. And expect to think outside the traditional “old-school” box. And, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our free feeds or notifications. Thanks for reading.

Matt Jones PhotoMatt Jones is the founder and CEO of and nationally syndicated author of LCM: The Secret to Success in the New Age of Real Estate, The Ultimate Listing Presentation, Traffic: How to Sell Fast and Net More, Becoming a Mega-Producer, and 20 Questions: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Real Estate but Were Afraid to Ask. Jones’ North Carolina-based company has been profiled by major media outlets as an innovator and a pioneer in the industry, and CNN’s Pulse on America claimed is “changing the way real estate is being done in America.” This content is cross-posted in the following locations:,,, and now Amazon Kindle

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I give away about 99% of all my technology and digital training content, completely free of charge, because I want to see other agents have the same kind of success that I've had. But one thing I charge for is my Ultimate Website technology. This is the web technology I created for myself that turned my real estate practice around overnight, and now I license it agents everywhere. But right now it's too popular and is currently waitlisted. Click here to get on the website as soon as possible and I'll notify you as soon as new invitations become available.

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  1. author lynda posted June 21st 2010. 3:08 pm Reply

    Please email me. I am trying to get hold of you to talk about setting up a virtual office.

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