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Are You Brutally Honest?

Today in the real estate industry brutal honesty is a dying commodity. It seems everyone is so focused on being politically correct and never offending that we’ve forgotten how to be tactfully and yet brutally honest. We would rather allow a friend or client to make a mistake than risk offending them. But what’s even worse than being less than completely honest with others is when we are less than completely honest with ourselves. Sadly, I talk to many agents who are not. Many agents today are struggling but instead ... Read More »

This is Hilarious! (Must Read!)

I had a funny thing happen to me this week and I felt compelled to share it with my readers.  I got back to the office yesterday evening and there on my desk was a big envelope from Re/Max Corporate Headquarters.  Hmmmmm.  I opened it up wondering what it could possibly contain.  To my amazement, it contained a letter from their legal department! The letter was what is known in legal circles as a “cease and desist” letter.  For the uninitiated, a cease and desist letter is a formal demand ... Read More »

Online Marketing Webinar Notes

First, I’d like to thank all of you who took time out of your busy day to join me on yesterday’s webinar.  Based on your phone calls and emails, I’d say it was a success.  We covered a lot and based on the questions during the Q&A session, I have some of the sharpest agents among my readers. “Hi Matt! I had trouble getting on the call. is it recorded?” — Jean “Matt,  Excellent presentation, however I had to leave at 11:40 your time, so missed much of the walk ... Read More »

Advertising 101 (Part 3)

So now that we’ve decided on direct response advertising as the “how”, we need to next identify the “who”.  This should be self-evident, but looking at advertising from agents around the country, I can assure you it’s not.  Who is your audience? In case you don’t know the answer to this simple question, let’s first think about the purpose of your advertising — to generate business.  If your sole purpose is to generate business, then your target audience should be the customer you want to attract.  Right?  Right. I’ve seen ... Read More »

3 Keys to Your Success!

Don’t you love it when every now and then you just happen to have the perfect answer to a question? That doesn’t often happen to me, but it did last November. I (along with about 25,000 other agents) was attending the National Association of REALTORS® annual conference in Las Vegas, and while I was there, my friend Michael Krisa caught up with me and we had lunch together. Little did I know he was going to ambush me with his video camera! (Hey, what are friends for, right?) So here ... Read More »

Calculating Appreciation the Easy Way

In a minute I’m going to introduce you to a very simple calculator that will have you figuring appreciation rates in seconds.  But before we get right into the calculator, let’s discuss why you might need to know an appreciation rate in the first place. Imagine yourself getting ready to go out on that listing appointment.  You’ve prepared a good CMA (comparative market analysis) and you’ve looked at all the recent sales in that area fairly closely, making mental notes in case the seller doesn’t like your price. What if ... Read More »

Surving Your Serengeti — the Interview

Many of you already know my good friend Stefan Swanepoel.  Although he is an industry icon and visionary, because our industry attracts hundreds of thousands of new agents each year, some of you may not be familiar with him.  For those of you who don’t allow me this introduction. Stefan’s professional career has focused on identifying trends and changes in the real estate industry and is widely recognized as the leading visionary in this field. He has penned over 19 books, reports and whitepapers, over 1,000 published articles and given ... Read More »

Case Study: Matt Mouser

There are a lot of things I like about my job, but without a doubt, my favorite part of the job is hearing from my readers (and users of my Ultimate Website system). I have received a lot of success stories over the years, and when I can, I like to share them.  I believe that success is contagious. A great success story will inspire you to be successful yourself, and below is a great success story: Matt Mouser’s practice is in Belmont, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids.  One ... Read More »

Zillow: Checkmate!

Brad Inman says “Checkmate!” Yesterday Brad Inman, real estate industry pioneer and founder of Inman News, commented on the Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) acquisition of chief rival Trulia (NYSE: TRLA) in an early morning press release: “In my view, this is checkmate. Soon, Zillow will control the chessboard, like Amazon does the publishing industry. The only meaningful consumer destination, Amazon, after many savvy moves, now controls pricing, merchandising, the data and the market. Soon, Zillow will control the pricing, the listings, the merchandizing and, for sure, the consumer.” That is a ... Read More »

The Evolution of Real Estate (Part 1)

When CNN’s Pulse on America program featured us two years ago, they were investigating an interesting phenomenon in our industry. It seems that today there are two real estate worlds coexisting simultaneously. Like in the movie The Matrix, there was the “perceived” world and then thee was the “real” world. In our industry there is much the same today. Those agents who are practicing real restate this new way, are doing quite well — many better than ever. But those who are hanging onto the old-school real estate model are ... Read More »

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