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What If You Had to Start Over?

What if you had to start over again from scratch? Imagine that the entire network of referrals you’d spent years cultivating went away? No help from your hundreds of previous customers, your friends, your church family — you had to begin again from ground zero. Scary, huh? Or maybe you’re just starting in the business and so you are square one. Or maybe you’ve taken a few years off to care for an aging parent and are having to begin anew. Possibly your spouse had a job transfer across the ... Read More »

Blog, Matt. Blog!

Welcome to the real estate training blog of Matt Jones, President and CEO of We trust that you will find this blog to have some of the freshest and most truly unique content you’ve ever seen. Expect to get challenged. And expect to think outside the traditional “old-school” box. And, please share it with your friends and subscribe to our free feeds or notifications. Thanks for reading. Matt Jones is the founder and CEO of and nationally syndicated author of LCM: The Secret to Success in the New ... Read More »

Advertising 101 (Part 1)

If there is one thing I’ve noticed in this business, it’s that we Realtors®, as a group, are terrible at advertising. Not terrible in the sense that we don’t advertise, but just terrible at actually doing it. We make dumb advertising choices, we write bad ad copy, we advertise for the wrong reasons, and we have an extraordinarily poor rate of return on our marketing dollars. We mean well, don’t get me wrong, but we are just bad at it. And so we continue to waste enormous amounts of money ... Read More »

The Ultimate Website

I’d like to introduce you to the latest tool in our technology arsenal.  I call it the Ultimate Website — A Website That Works.  But before I tell you the what, I want to first tell you the why.  After over ten years, why did we decide to offer a full-featured real estate website?  Let me explain it like this. Imagine it was my mission to get you to save gasoline, and you were driving a big, gas-guzzling SUV.  I could tell you all day long that riding a bicycle ... Read More »

Fire Your Phone Company!

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who owns nine real estate offices in Atlanta.  We were talking about eliminating overhead, and he told me that he paid over $6,000 every month on phone bills!  I told him that my brokerage paid zero!  He was floored!  Here’s how I do it. What is one thing that every single agent has on them at all times?  Their pocket real estate license.. right?  Hardly!  No, it’s the ever-present mobile phone.  We are a culture obsessed with ... Read More »

How To Cell Phone Spy With No Targets Cell Phone

Again the GPS facility means that the suspicious partner can keep a check on exactly and the other half is. Is he or she really at a health club? round a friends house? or still at work? If your son or daughter doesn’t must be open about his friends, or you suspect that he is not being completely honest with you about them, then you need to resort to mobile phone program. Mobile phone SMS spy software is really a program that allows you to read the SMS messages ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 16)

The Actual Listing Presentation In the previous chapters we focused on how to gather an unending supply of listing leads.   We discussed becoming the best agent for the job.  We mentioned the necessity of learning market statistics, and how and where to find them.  We discussed how you can increase your credibility and power by arming yourself with this basic and relevant knowledge. Next we determined the best way to build an accurate CMA, or comparative market analysis, and then we touched on the theory behind my listing presentation.  ... Read More »

Working Internet Leads (Revisited)…

The following article written by Matt Jones was originally published in Broker Agent News on May 22, 2006. It is presented here in its entirety as it was originally published. While non-commercial use of this copyrighted material is encouraged, unauthorized, commercial use is strictly prohibited. During the past four years our industry has been going through a tremendous revolution – a major upheaval in the way business is done, in the way customers search for properties, and in the way that we as Real Estate Professionals attract and capture those ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 13)

In the previous chapter, we talked about you becoming the best agent for the job. I mentioned the importance of learning your market statistics and told you exactly how to do that.  I discussed how you could increase your credibility and power by arming yourself with some very specific knowledge.  I’ll assume that you’ve done your homework now and are ready to learn the actual listing presentation that made me one of the top listing agents in the country. I want you to notice that I haven’t referred to myself ... Read More »

Open House Until It Sells (Mastermind Call)

The following video is the live audio from a Master Mind recorded training call held on January 10, 2012. In it I share an idea that can save thousands of dollars in expenses this year, and better yet, that will make your customers love you. I’ll warn you, this is an outside-the-box idea. But that also means it will separate you from the competition, and I guarantee no one else is doing it. Some of you will think it’s crazy, but if you listen with an open mind, the opportunity ... Read More »

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