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Making a Great Referral!

Here is a secret that will make you lots of money.  In fact, is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  If you have a lender you  work with on a regular basis, the technique I’m about to show you can work even better when doing cross-referrals.   Try it out and let me know what you think.  I believe you’ll find it to be one of the coolest ideas you’ve ever heard when it comes to doing referral business. I first discovered this technique quite by accident.  I began as ... Read More »

A Message To You From NAR!

As I predicted in my article on March 25th, your National Association of Realtors® officially rubber-stamped the national dues increase of 50% in the face of overwhelming agent opposition.  I was troubled when it was floated without so much as asking us, the membership, but I thought maybe I was out of touch with the mainstream agent opinion. Then came the flood of comments — my little blog article received five times more comments than most lead editorials in the New York Times.  I realized that I had touched a ... Read More »

Special Coaching Announcement!

Okay, so you signed up for coaching (or maybe you were thinking about it) and now you have lots of questions:  Questions like, what happens next?  Are you supposed to do something different?  Are we?  When do we get to the part about making more money?  That’s is why you signed up, right?  So let’s get right to it. Before we began to formally offer our business coaching services, whenever an agent licensed our technology, we sent him an email inviting him to be part of an orientation training class ... Read More »

LCM Web Gateway

Our cornerstone technology — the LCM web gateway — is simple enough in concept.  It is a very efficient gateway mini-website designed to maximize lead capture.  It works both as a stand alone technology or with an existing website and it captures an outstanding 25-35% of website visitors.  No other website or technology on the market is even close. But not only does LCM capture super efficiently (about 30 times as efficient as the typical agent website), it sends the leads to the agent in real time, both by email ... Read More »

Prepare for 2014 by Doing Three Things…

In less than two weeks it will be 2014!  Wow, did this year fly by!  I don’t know about you but as I wrap things up for this year, I begin to think about next year.  For years I didn’t think about next year until January, but eventually I realized that if I waited until then, I would end up wasting my first month of the new year. So I began a habit of getting ready for the next year during the final weeks of the current year.  And I ... Read More »

Guerrilla Marketing for Real Estate

In spite of all the optimism we hear from NAR, based on my interaction with agents today, I think that the reality for many of us in the real estate business is that we are in a very tough time.  Money is tighter than ever and we need to get twelve to fifteen cents out of every dime we spend.  That’s certainly my reality.  Maybe it’s yours. I thought it might be helpful to share a simple way to cut your costs and maybe stretch that money just a little ... Read More »

The Science of Online Marketing (Part 1)

In June 2002 I got my real estate license and embarked on a brand  new career — selling houses!  I was excited.  I studied everything I could find.  I took classes.  I read dozens of books on real estate practice.  I couldn’t wait… and then nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong — I did all the things that all the experts said I should do, but my results were very limited at best. After three months (and about 70% of my savings) I realized I was in trouble.  As much ... Read More »

A Happy New Year Voice Mail from Gary H.

I received this phone message over the holidays and wanted to share it with you, my readers. Gary has been with us for some time now and so he’s had time to really see what the LCM and Ultimate Website can do for your marketing. I thought some of you might like to hear right from him… straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I’ve bleeped out his last name to protect his identity because I’ve not asked his permission to share the voice mail with 30,000 readers. Happy ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 10)

Becoming the market authority is job one. Before we get into the listing presentation, it’s important for you to do an honest assessment of your ability as an agent.  Can you look into the mirror and feel, deep down, that you are the very best person to represent your seller client? If you can’t do that (regardless of the listing approach you use), it would be unethical to offer your services to this client in the first place.   In fact, you’d have a fiduciary obligation to recommend your fellow ... Read More »

Advertising 101 (Part 1)

If there is one thing I’ve noticed in this business, it’s that we Realtors®, as a group, are terrible at advertising. Not terrible in the sense that we don’t advertise, but just terrible at actually doing it. We make dumb advertising choices, we write bad ad copy, we advertise for the wrong reasons, and we have an extraordinarily poor rate of return on our marketing dollars. We mean well, don’t get me wrong, but we are just bad at it. And so we continue to waste enormous amounts of money ... Read More »

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