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When you sign up with most technologies, you are lucky if you get any help at all.  If you do, it is generally a mindless boilerplate email response that barely or doesn’t even address the reason for your contact. When I decided that I would license my LCM technology to my fellow agents, I did a lot of soul searching.  I made several decisions that have not only cost us lots of money, but have also set our company apart from just about every other technology company. First, your success ... Read More »

It’s Crushing Season!

Several years ago I traveled to San Francisco to attend the NAR Annual Convention. Being a big fan of California red wine, I arranged to arrive a day early so I could visit the world famous Napa and Sonoma valleys. Both are well-known for producing some of the best wine in the world, and I intended to taste as much as I could. (I even brought my own driver so I could taste responsibly.) As it turned out, the conference was in October, and the weather was perfect. When we ... Read More »

The “1000 Phone Call” Test (Would You Pass?)

Earlier this week I had the privilege of talking to one of my Ultimate Website system users named Matt Mouser. We were discussing his business plan for next year — yes, he has a business plan! Because Matt is growing his business the way I’ve teach and is having great success I often brag about him and include some of our correspondence in my daily training email blasts. Well as we were talking on the phone Monday, he shared with me that whenever I mention him in one of my articles, ... Read More »

She’s Just Not That Into You!

Have you ever received a phone call from an ad or yard sign and the call went something like this: You: Good morning! This is Matt with FavoriteAgent Realty. How can I help you this fine morning? Caller: Yes, I was calling about the house on 4th Street. Can you tell me how much it costs? You: Sure, I’d be happy to. (fumbling around frantically, trying to stop the car to look it up) Let me check for you. (dead air, customer impatience is palpable) OH, here it is… it’s ... Read More »

Don’t Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater!

I was talking to a veteran agent the other day who’s seen a lot of changes during his 10-plus years practicing real estate.  Like many of us, he’s been sold program after program and has wasted thousands of dollars on many of the “latest and greatest” ways of solving the age-old problem: finding that next customer. We talked about some of the dumb ideas we’d both tried, from walking neighborhoods handing out expensive fliers and refrigerator magnets, to personal brochures, to fancy newsletters, to various homes magazines… you name it, ... Read More »

The Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 4 of 6)

The Actual Listing Presentation (continued) WHAT’S IN THIS INSTALLMENT? 1. THE ULTIMATE CMA 2. PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER 3. ONLY TWO WAYS TO SELL ANY HOUSE In the previous installment, we talked about your becoming the best agent for the job. I mentioned the importance of learning your market statistics and told you exactly how to do that. I discussed how you could increase your credibility and power by arming yourself with some very specific knowledge. I’ll assume that you’ve done your homework now and are ready to learn the ... Read More »

Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Part 3)

In our first two steps, we discussed how important it is to nail down the purpose of your advertising and then to understand who you are advertising to.  Think of these previous two steps as the information gathering for your ad… the prep work, if you will. Step Three:  Crafting Your Message Now it’s time to actually craft your advertisement.  Of course, when I speak of your “advertisement” I am referring to the message you might put on a search engine like a Google pay-per-click ad, or a classified-type ad ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Real Estate Success (Step 10)

In the last nine steps I’ve shared what I believe to be crucial keys to being successful in this new age of real estate.  But this final step is the most important step of all.  And more importantly, if you skip this step, you may as well not do any of the other nine. I believe there is one major obstacle you must overcome before you can achieve greatness on any level, and certainly greatness in real estate.  You have to conquer the six inches of ground between your ears!  ... Read More »

Advertising Made Easy (Mastermind Call)

The following video is the live audio from a recorded training call held on October 27, 2011.  In it I am teaching our LCM Success Team on the subject of Advertising, beginning with determining your budget per lead, calculating your cost per lead, and finally evaluating various advertising ideas. Listen in and take the guess work out of your advertising expenditures. After you’ve had an opportunity to listen to the training call, I also recommend that you check out the following additional articles for your review on the same ... Read More »

Real Estate the New Way! (Part 2)

The Virtual Office Partnership opportunity discussed in this series is not currently available, however the technology and coaching required to open your own independent virtual office is available. Feel free to contact us for details.   When CNN featured our company as “changing the face of real estate in America”, it wasn’t because we’d been around the longest.  It wasn’t because we were the biggest.  It was because we invented a brand new way of doing an age-old thing.  We invented technology that turned real estate on its ear. And ... Read More »

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