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Zillow, “Checkmate!”

Have you noticed?  A funny thing has been happening in the real estate lead generation space over the last few years.  Consolidation.  Consolidation is where companies merge with or acquire other companies.  After several years of consolidation, there are now only two major players and most of the small players have been either bought up or closed down.  The two behemoths that remain are Zillow and Move, Inc. ( If you think this doesn’t affect your business, then keep reading.  The sequence of events we already see unfolding will impact every ... Read More »

Is that Internet Lead Really Worth $16,000?

I received the following message through my blog and because many of us worry about getting nailed with an $16,000 fine for our first offense, I thought I would post it here along with my response to it as well. I have been using your LCM method for a little more than a month and I have collected 20 leads out of 120 Google clicks. I’m happy with the process. It works exactly as you claim for generating the leads. However, I have been getting nervous recently about the Do-not-call ... Read More »

Add Video for Free!

I can tell you, as someone who uses video a lot, that it adds a lot to your presentations.  Let’s face it:  people prefer watching something to reading about it.  Don’t believe me?  Then look at the lines in front of your public library and your movie theaters and see if you notice a difference. Hey, I’m an author and columnist, and I write for much of my living.  But I am not under the mistaken impression that books communicate better than movies.  Ask anyone if they’ve read (insert title) ... Read More »

Bonus Podcast: Gary Thompson Interview

Podcast interview reveals how one agent and broker transformed his business during one of the toughest economic times in recent history.  Listen in as Gary Thompson shares how he was able to crack the code and now does about 80% of his business from the largest of all sources today — the internet. Gary isn’t new to real estate. In fact, he got his real estate license in 1978 but had put real estate on the back burner for years as he focused on his computer consulting business. Until recently, ... Read More »

The Evolution of Real Estate (Part 1)

When CNN’s Pulse on America program featured us two years ago, they were investigating an interesting phenomenon in our industry. It seems that today there are two real estate worlds coexisting simultaneously. Like in the movie The Matrix, there was the “perceived” world and then thee was the “real” world. In our industry there is much the same today. Those agents who are practicing real restate this new way, are doing quite well — many better than ever. But those who are hanging onto the old-school real estate model are ... Read More »

Advertising 101 (Part 3)

So now that we’ve decided on direct response advertising as the “how”, we need to next identify the “who”.  This should be self-evident, but looking at advertising from agents around the country, I can assure you it’s not.  Who is your audience? In case you don’t know the answer to this simple question, let’s first think about the purpose of your advertising — to generate business.  If your sole purpose is to generate business, then your target audience should be the customer you want to attract.  Right?  Right. I’ve seen ... Read More »

Beating the Winter Blahs…

I received an email from one of my readers and long time LCM and Ultimate Website users that I wanted to share with you. His name is Butch Rumenapp and he’s the broker owner of an Exit Realty office in Marine City, Michigan. I have to say that of the many emails I received this week, this one has to be one of my favorites, primarily because it is just plain honest. See if doesn’t resonate with you. Hey Matt, The problem I’m having lately is lack of motivation! I’m ... Read More »

Quick Answer Series: What About Ads in Home Magazines?

I think advertising in home magazines can be a good investment, or it can be a total waste of money.  If done properly, home magazine ads can be a very affordable source of new business while making your listing clients happy at the same time.  Done incorrectly, it can put you in the poor house with next to nothing to show for the expense. When I had about 60 active listings, I personally experimented and tested various ads in several magazines.  At one point, I was running 8 full pages ... Read More »

Agent Testimonials

If you have followed my training for any length of time, you know that I love to share reader emails on a regular basis. I don’t always ask permission to share them either. I can’t help it — hearing success stories from my readers is the best part of my job, and I want to give your email the opportunity to inspire others to the same successes you’ve had. I want to share just a handful of my favorite emails that I have received from my readers this year. Why? ... Read More »

Thinking of Quitting Real Estate? Help!

Last week I announced plans for a national agent competition that our company is hosting.  I threw it out there using a lighthearted, humorous approach… and for whatever reason, the response has been horrible.  Now I realize that this isn’t American Idol and I don’t expect 20,000 people to turn out for an audition like they did in Chicago on last Tuesday night’s show… but I know there are some of you reading this article who are struggling in your practice. Maybe the idea of admitting to being a “Zero” ... Read More »

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