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What If You Started Over?

The other day I was talking to a long-time friend over lunch and we were reminiscing about the wild paths we’d taken to get to where we are today.  He asked me what I might do differently if I were to start over, and that really got me thinking.  The more I pondered it, the more I thought it might make for an interesting read, so here goes. Before I practiced real estate a single day, I had a business plan.  If I started over, I would still do a ... Read More »

Success Team Q&A Session

This audio was recorded live on November 22, 2011 directly from a Success Team Q&A session. In this conference call, agents from all across the US and Canada engage in a mastermind session where we discuss problems facing agents today. This is the kind of stuff you can’t get in your local office where everyone sees their fellow local agents as competition. Great stuff that you won’t want to miss. Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 3)

Houston, we have a problem. In 2004 our company surveyed more than 481,000 REALTORS® with an average of 12.1 years in the business. You know what their number-one need was? To get more customers. Then in 2008 we surveyed nearly a million agents and asked them what their number one concern was, going forward. Again, overwhelmingly, it was finding enough business. Even earlier this year (2010), I ran an unofficial poll on my blog.  We have thousands of agent visitors every week.  Guess what the number one concern was this ... Read More »

A Huge Craigslist Opportunity!

It is not often when changes in major destination websites create real opportunities but the most recent change on Craigslist has created a huge one to anyone using our LCM technology or Ultimate Website.  Check this out! Over the last couple of weeks Craigslist has changed their site to prevent HTML “<a> tags” or clickable links on real estate ads. The changes took place market by market, but near as we can determine, last Thursday, the changes became global. What that means is that where before you could post a ... Read More »

Hey Eeyore! (Part 2): Money for Nothing and Clients for Free!

Okay, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite four-letter word: LEAD.  For some reason, we in the real estate profession want to tell ourselves that we are somehow not in the sales business.  That we are above the crassness of selling.  Selling is for those lower on the developmental ladder.  It’s not for professionals like us. Well I’m calling BS!   Of course we are in sales, and it’s great!  The highest paid profession in the world is SALES.  I love sales.  You should love sales.  We should all hold our heads high ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 12)

Becoming the market authority is job one (continued). The final two pieces of market data I want you to learn are the average markdown (also know as the list to sale ratio), and the general market climate.  We’ll cover them both in this segment, and once you’ve mastered them, you will be a real market authority and you will stand out when being compared to your fellow agents. Average Markdown (List to Sale Ratio). Now let’s go back to the statistics that we worked on earlier. Remember my asking you ... Read More »

Online Marketing Webinar Notes

First, I’d like to thank all of you who took time out of your busy day to join me on yesterday’s webinar.  Based on your phone calls and emails, I’d say it was a success.  We covered a lot and based on the questions during the Q&A session, I have some of the sharpest agents among my readers. “Hi Matt! I had trouble getting on the call. is it recorded?” — Jean “Matt,  Excellent presentation, however I had to leave at 11:40 your time, so missed much of the walk ... Read More »

This is Hilarious! (Must Read!)

I had a funny thing happen to me this week and I felt compelled to share it with my readers.  I got back to the office yesterday evening and there on my desk was a big envelope from Re/Max Corporate Headquarters.  Hmmmmm.  I opened it up wondering what it could possibly contain.  To my amazement, it contained a letter from their legal department! The letter was what is known in legal circles as a “cease and desist” letter.  For the uninitiated, a cease and desist letter is a formal demand ... Read More »

Becoming a Mega-Producer (Part 4 of 7)

The Secret to Success with Internet Leads WHAT’S IN THIS INSTALLMENT? 1. THE TRUTH ABOUT INTERNET LEADS 2. UNDERSTANDING THE REAL ESTATE BUYING CYCLE 3. A SIMPLE AND POWERFUL ILLUSTRATION 4. MEETING THE INTERNET CHALLENGE THE TRUTH ABOUT INTERNET LEADS According to the 2006 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, as many as 93% of all our customers are using the Internet for at least some part of their home searches! And that number is growing. In the last four years it’s increased by over 40%! ... Read More »

One Day Book Sale! (Must Check This Out!)

Special Prices End Sunday, September 24! — Get All Ten for the Price of Just Three! Matt Jones’ entire training collection is now available online by instant download. Matt’s complete works cover every aspect of the real estate business — from listing to prospecting to marketing to recruiting and much more. Can’t decide which ones to buy? No problem! Buy all TEN for the price of buying only THREE! Now you can own the entire collection for a fraction of the regular price! Click here to view the entire library. ... Read More »

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