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Success Team Q&A Session

This audio was recorded live on November 22, 2011 directly from a Success Team Q&A session. In this conference call, agents from all across the US and Canada engage in a mastermind session where we discuss problems facing agents today. This is the kind of stuff you can’t get in your local office where everyone sees their fellow local agents as competition. Great stuff that you won’t want to miss. Read More »

Ten Steps to Real Estate Success (Step 4)

If there is one thing that agents do that makes me crazy, it’s this:  Agents waste more of their money on worthless advertising ideas than on all other expenses combined.  No kidding.  There just seems to be an assumption in our industry that you just throw it out there, and maybe it works and probably it doesn’t.  And for some unknown reason, that’s all right. I’ve seen many a smart agent completely check their brain at the door when it comes to this one simple thing.  I’ve seen agents who ... Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Online Lead Generation

Michael Krisa, founder and President of Real Estate Unplugged interviews me on the topic of Do-It-Yourself Online Lead Generation. Today the real estate landscape is filled with companies offering to sell us leads — companies like Trulia, Market Leader, Service Magic, Lending Tree, and now,   Think about it:  These companies are taking our intellectual property (our listings) and using it generate leads online.  Then, to add insult to injury, they are selling those leads back to us for a premium. And many agents today are happy to pay those ... Read More »

How to Know the Odds of Selling Any Home

What if you could actually know the odds of selling a client’s home in 30 days… or 60 days… or 90 days?  Wouldn’t that make advising that client a lot easier?  Well now you can!  And it’s easy. As a listing agent, one of the questions I was often asked by sellers when I was a listing their home was, “How long do you think it will take to sell my house?”  As a new agent I struggled with this, and I did a lot of research to see if ... Read More »

I Hate Technology!

Do you ever get the idea that an entire cottage industry exists for the sole purpose of fleecing agents out of their hard-earned commission dollars? Ever feel like a new technology company springs up every 15 minutes with the latest, greatest new clever idea? And all the pitches are the same: a room full of drones on phones, calling agents from the NAR membership list, promising great success! “Just give me $1000 for this super-duper short-sale program, and you will make millions!” or maybe, “Sign up for our unbelievable system ... Read More »

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

One of my favorite movie scenes ever was in The Godfather when Vito Corleone was asked how he got his own way in a particular situation. His answer was, “I make them an offer they can’t refuse.” In real estate, we are in the business of writing offers and negotiating contracts. In fact our most common form is called an “Offer to Purchase and Contract”, meaning that the document starts as an offer and upon acceptance, becomes a contract. Most of us have written dozens, if not hundreds of offers ... Read More »

Oh No! The Sky is Falling!

“Goosey Lucy said that Ducky Lucky said that Henny Penny said the sky is falling.” From reading and listening to the media you can’t help but think of Chicken Little. Okay, well I’ve finally heard enough! I’m so weary of hearing one person after another bemoan the sad state of real estate today that I’m about ready to scream! Every time it’s told it gets worse! “The end of real estate is near.” “The mortgage industry is doomed.” “Give up and get out now while you still can.” “The lead ... Read More »

The Real Estate Buying Cycle (Mastermind Call)

Probably the most important topic when it comes to converting internet business, the following video is the live audio from a recorded training call held on November 8, 2011.  In it I am teaching our LCM Success Team on the real estate buying cycle and how understanding it will help you to master the art of working with internet customers. Listen in and learn some techniques to use during each of the phases of the buying cycle. After you’ve had an opportunity to listen to the training call, I ... Read More »

One Day Book Sale! (Must Check This Out!)

Special Prices End Thursday, August 17! — Get All Ten for the Price of Just Three! Matt Jones’ entire training collection is now available online by instant download. Matt’s complete works cover every aspect of the real estate business — from listing to prospecting to marketing to recruiting and much more. Can’t decide which ones to buy? No problem! Buy all TEN for the price of buying only THREE! Now you can own the entire collection for a fraction of the regular price! Click here to view the entire library. ... Read More »

Let a Lender Pay Your Ad Bill!

What is the single biggest expense we as REALTORS® have?  You guessed it — advertising.  In fact, all the so-called “experts” recommend we spend a full 20% of our gross income on bringing in business.  That’s nearly three times what other industries spend for advertising (most industries spend 6-7% of gross revenue.  So here’s an idea that will help you bring your advertising costs to a more attractive level.  Let a lender pay your ad bill.  Let me explain. Mortgage companies and real estate agents are typically trying to attract ... Read More »

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