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How Many Homebuyers Are In Your Market?

Ever wonder how many people are buying and selling homes in your market today?  Take a wild guess!  Wilder.  Now double it.  You’re probably still low.  I’ll show you exactly how to find your own accurate number. First you need to log into your MLS and find out how many transactions closed in the last twelve months.  Write that number down.  In my MLS, the total number of closed sales in the last twelve months was 5,425.  For each closed transaction, there was, by definition, one buyer and one seller. ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 4)

Putting Together the Right Tools If I had to start from scratch in a new market with no experience, I would start with only a few basic technologies, and in this installment, I’ll discuss those essential technologies that I believe every agent must have in this new age of real estate. Want to hear the good news?  The entire thing can be done cheaper than sending out a typical direct mail marketing campaign every month.  I have virtually every piece of technology that I am about to suggest, and including ... Read More »

Quick Answer Series: Is There Such a Thing as a “Bad Listing”?

One of my pet peeves is the notion of “bad listings”.  I’ve heard agents talk about certain properties being bad listings, either because the home was not pristine, or because they assumed it was over-priced.  I believe that the majority of those comments are simply sour grapes, because the agent lost the listing. Maybe I’m wrong.  If you are reading this and you think you have a bad listing, please feel free to refer it to me immediately.  You see, I don’t think there are any bad listings, just bad ... Read More »

Zillow: Checkmate!

Brad Inman says “Checkmate!” Yesterday Brad Inman, real estate industry pioneer and founder of Inman News, commented on the Zillow (NASDAQ: Z) acquisition of chief rival Trulia (NYSE: TRLA) in an early morning press release: “In my view, this is checkmate. Soon, Zillow will control the chessboard, like Amazon does the publishing industry. The only meaningful consumer destination, Amazon, after many savvy moves, now controls pricing, merchandising, the data and the market. Soon, Zillow will control the pricing, the listings, the merchandizing and, for sure, the consumer.” That is a ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 11)

Becoming the market authority is job one (continued). The next piece of market data I want you to learn is the standard deviation of the average days on market. DOM Standard Deviation (STDEV). What?!  I know what you’re thinking: “Matt Jones has lost his mind!”  But, before you dismiss this concept (and me) as crazy, let me point out that it will be an easy statistic to calculate and a powerful advantage for you once you know it.  What if you could actually know the odds of selling a client’s ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 2)

Allow me to pose a question. What does it take to become the top listing agent in your market? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re already on your way! You’ve shown that you’re interested in mastering the listing side of our business.  And you’ve acknowledged that you are competitive — very competitive. You’ve shown your desire to become the best at something, so you’re not interested in mediocrity. What if I told you that the difference between a struggling agent and a master listing agent is very small? ... Read More »

Learning from Failure: Lesson One.

So I closed the restaurant after a year. We had grown sales about 20% over the year and were continuing to grow in sales and margin every month, while controlling costs and growing margin, but we were still another year from turning a profit. Because of the down turn in real estate, the pressures from my core business (real estate and real estate related technology) I felt I needed to really focus my attention on them. Continuing to subsidize a restaurant during the housing downturn would have brought our company’s ... Read More »

The Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 5 of 6)

The Actual Listing Presentation (continued) WHAT’S IN THIS INSTALLMENT? 1. WHAT TO SAY AND HOW TO SAY IT 2. TAKING LISTINGS OVER THE PHONE 3. PULL OUT THE SECRET WEAPON 4. REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES In the previous installments of this seminar we focused on how to gather an unending supply of listing leads. We discussed becoming the best agent for the job. We mentioned the necessity of learning market statistics, and how and where to find them. We discussed how you can increase your credibility and power by arming yourself with ... Read More »

Quick Answer Series: What’s All the Hype about “Short-Sales”?

Lately, it seems you can’t read anything about real estate and not see somebody selling their unique short-sale technique, their book or system on how you can become the “short-sale king” in your area, or their coaching on how to profit from doing short-sales.  It’s become so prevalent now that it seems there is even a Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) designation! Don’t get me wrong — I’m all in favor of agents handling short sales for their clients when necessary, and doing so is often a great service to your ... Read More »

The Ultimate Website

I’d like to introduce you to the latest tool in our technology arsenal.  I call it the Ultimate Website — A Website That Works.  But before I tell you the what, I want to first tell you the why.  After over ten years, why did we decide to offer a full-featured real estate website?  Let me explain it like this. Imagine it was my mission to get you to save gasoline, and you were driving a big, gas-guzzling SUV.  I could tell you all day long that riding a bicycle ... Read More »

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