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Merry Christmas from Pipeline Technologies (Part 1)

It’s that time of year again… the time when we are giving thanks for all of our blessings and thinking about being a blessing to others.  It’s this month (December) when over 80% of all charitable giving takes place.  And it’s this time of year when we race to the mall in pursuit of gifts for our friends, our loved ones, and for those less fortunate than us.  It was this time in 2004 when  Pipeline 1.0 contact manager was rolled out and given for free to all of our ... Read More »

Quick Answer Series: To List or Not to List? That is the Question.

Should I list homes or work with buyers?  I say you should do whichever one suits you best.  I know, for years the “experts” have said, “You’ve got to list to last.”  But I say that just isn’t true!  Do whichever you’re best at. Now before you brand me as a buyer’s agent, you should know that I am actually a listing agent.  In fact, I listed 119 individual homes my first year in the business, one at a time.  I typically carried a listing inventory of 50-60 homes at ... Read More »

Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Part 1)

Let’s face it:  The largest single expense we have as real estate agents is advertising.  How large?  Many of the experts tell us we need to invest as much as twenty percent of our gross commission income into our marketing.  Twenty percent! While it is my contention that the experts have it way wrong as to their twenty percent budget, and I believe that you should be able to run your practice on less than half that amount, the fact remains that whether you spend ten or twenty percent, we ... Read More »

Ten Steps to Real Estate Success (Step 3)

I started to call this step “Building Your Infrastructure” but I liked “Assembling Your Tools” better.  I guess there are a couple of reasons I prefer the word “tools”.  First, it doesn’t elevate the technology to a place that it replaces personal skill or responsibility, and second, because tools are just that — tools. When you evaluate a skilled automotive technician, you don’t judge his abilities by the size of his tool box.  No, as someone who spent over 30 years in the automotive repair industry, a great technician can ... Read More »

He’s Ba-ack!

Wow!  That was quite a gap!  Six weeks since my last article!  Some of you have emailed me and asked where I went. Well for those of you who follow this blog, my apologies for the delay, but we had no choice.  We’ve been moving to brand new offices.  And with that move, we took the down time to do a complete site redesign. Hope you like it. As someone who’s been a pioneer on the Virtual Office frontier, and yet still operating to some degree in the brick-and-mortar world, ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 10)

Becoming the market authority is job one. Before we get into the listing presentation, it’s important for you to do an honest assessment of your ability as an agent.  Can you look into the mirror and feel, deep down, that you are the very best person to represent your seller client? If you can’t do that (regardless of the listing approach you use), it would be unethical to offer your services to this client in the first place.   In fact, you’d have a fiduciary obligation to recommend your fellow ... Read More »

Open House Until It Sells (Mastermind Call)

The following video is the live audio from a Master Mind recorded training call held on January 10, 2012. In it I share an idea that can save thousands of dollars in expenses this year, and better yet, that will make your customers love you. I’ll warn you, this is an outside-the-box idea. But that also means it will separate you from the competition, and I guarantee no one else is doing it. Some of you will think it’s crazy, but if you listen with an open mind, the opportunity ... Read More »

Agent Testimonials

If you have followed my training for any length of time, you know that I love to share reader emails on a regular basis. I don’t always ask permission to share them either. I can’t help it — hearing success stories from my readers is the best part of my job, and I want to give your email the opportunity to inspire others to the same successes you’ve had. I want to share just a handful of my favorite emails that I have received from my readers this year. Why? ... Read More »

Linda Powers Turning Leads Into Deals

Linda Powers is producing and closing new leads in one of the all-time worst real estate markets. While most agents today are afraid to try something new, one veteran real estate agent, Linda Powers, has successfully transitioned from traditional marketing to now working internet leads.  But more importantly,  she is closing business with her new found online customers. Was it easy?  For Linda it was.  How did she do it?  By being herself and engaging her online clients just like she’s been doing with traditional clients for years.  Linda uses ... Read More »

Four Mistakes That Cost Agents $264 Million Last Year!

Today, over two-thirds of all Realtors® reported having a website, one in ten reported having a real estate blog, and more than half are using social media.  Sound good, right?  Not so fast. According to the National Association of Realtors® Member profile, the typical Realtor® brought in only four inquiries and did only 3 percent of their business from their website. Since the average agent did only 7 transactions, that means that most agents did statistically no business from their websites, while a few did a lot. Not surprisingly, those ... Read More »

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