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Business Plan 2014 (Part 2)

In part one, I shared with you the importance of having vision as the foundation of building your business plan.  Every real plan has to begin with vision.  Without it, there is no specificity, but only a nebulous general direction and not a quantifiable destination. If you haven’t taken the time to get alone someplace quiet to build your vision for next year, please go back and reread part one and then take the time for this vital step.  Vision is absolutely critical to your plan.  Now let’s talk about ... Read More »

Buyers Are Liars!

I’ve made thousands of prospecting calls over the years and I’ve discovered an amazing truth:  Buyers are liars.  It seems that some customers would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on ground and tell the truth.  But why?  I think it is because of us.  I think we make them lie to us.  But how do we make them lie to us?  By our approach. Most customers are not pathological liars waiting to tell us another tall tale.  But when we make them feel even the ... Read More »

Is the LCM Being Discontinued?

Recently I’ve received several emails about some of the ads for our LCM gateway.  Here is an example from just one ad we’ve been running: IMPORTANT: LAST CHANCE TO GET LCM! In the coming weeks, I will be closing the availability of LCM Success to the agent public.  Only coaching students will have access to my lead capture technology.  I will be announcing more about these changes shortly, but I wanted to let my readers know before the opportunity closes. Apparently, the ads caused quite a bit of confusion, and ... Read More »

Learning from Failure: Lesson Two.

In the last installment, I compared the restaurant manufacturing operation with real estate. In this installment, we’ll look at a restaurant as a sales organization. While the back of the house (the kitchen) is all about manufacturing, the front of the house (the dining room) is all about sales. Meeting customers, setting expectations and exceeding them, and attention to detail are crucial elements in any sales organization. A restaurant is no exception. Everything is important — from the elegant music, to the dress code of the staff, to the words ... Read More »

The Ultimate Website — It’s Better than Ever!

The numbers are in for last month and they are better than even we expected! Of course many of you know that our company has long been an innovator in the field of online lead generation for the real estate professionals and was featured by CNN’s Pulse on America program almost a decade ago as, “changing the way real estate is done in America”. Still we’ve continued to perfect the science of online marketing and help agents generate their own business and not be dependent on national aggregators like Zillow, ... Read More »

Real Estate the New Way! (Part 1)

The Virtual Office Partnership opportunity discussed in this series is not currently available, however the technology and coaching required to open your own independent virtual office is available. Feel free to contact us for details.   A Broken Model. What would you think of a major university where only 15% of its graduates went on to get a job?  Would you want to send your kids there?  Or what would you think of a brand of automobile if 9 out of every 10 sold, broke down beyond repair in the ... Read More »

Fire Your Receptionist!

Here’s a great idea that will save you money — fire your receptionist!  OMG!  You have to be kidding me!  If there is one thing that’s as sure as “for sale” signs in this industry, it’s the ever-present receptionist at the local brokerage.  You know the one I’m talking about.  She makes slightly over minimum wage… maybe $8 per hour.  She’s on the payroll for 40 hours per week, with paid vacation and benefits. The cost to the brokerage is about $370 per week plus benefits when you count the ... Read More »

My Interview with Ben Gabossi

Hear how Ben Gabossi is generating an overflow of business in one of the worst markets in history. I’m excited to share this short interview with readers. I met Ben Gabossi a few months after he started using my Ultimate Website technology, and I instantly liked him. Ben is a regular agent practicing real estate in the Denver, Colorado area.  But his practice is anything but regular.  Like a lot of markets, Denver is in a slump.  Home sales are mediocre, inventory is high, prices are stagnant, and agents are ... Read More »

The Real Estate Buying Cycle (Mastermind Call)

Probably the most important topic when it comes to converting internet business, the following video is the live audio from a recorded training call held on November 8, 2011.  In it I am teaching our LCM Success Team on the real estate buying cycle and how understanding it will help you to master the art of working with internet customers. Listen in and learn some techniques to use during each of the phases of the buying cycle. After you’ve had an opportunity to listen to the training call, I ... Read More »

Quick Answer Series: Is There Such a Thing as a “Bad Listing”?

One of my pet peeves is the notion of “bad listings”.  I’ve heard agents talk about certain properties being bad listings, either because the home was not pristine, or because they assumed it was over-priced.  I believe that the majority of those comments are simply sour grapes, because the agent lost the listing. Maybe I’m wrong.  If you are reading this and you think you have a bad listing, please feel free to refer it to me immediately.  You see, I don’t think there are any bad listings, just bad ... Read More »

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