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The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 10)

Becoming the market authority is job one. Before we get into the listing presentation, it’s important for you to do an honest assessment of your ability as an agent.  Can you look into the mirror and feel, deep down, that you are the very best person to represent your seller client? If you can’t do that (regardless of the listing approach you use), it would be unethical to offer your services to this client in the first place.   In fact, you’d have a fiduciary obligation to recommend your fellow ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 5)

What Does it Mean to “Go Virtual”? Let’s assume that you’ve acquired the essential technologies that I talked about in the previous installments in this series.  Now let’s talk about the practical side of practicing real estate from a virtual office.  By way of a short review of the previous four installments, Are You Ready for the One Minute Commute? discussed the idea of working remotely in a virtual office from a macro perspective and just how mainstream that idea is becoming.  Today, twenty-three percent of our nation’s workforce currently ... Read More »

Hey Eeyore! (Part 5): A Brand New Practice In Only Three Days

I want you to imagine getting up this morning knowing that you are three days from a completely new real estate practice.  Three days until you can tell the asset manager on that short sale you are working on to go jump in a lake.  Three days and you won’t have to spend hours on the phone to past clients and friends trying to drum up the next transaction. Soon there will be no more loitering around stores, and other public places looking for business.  No more walking neighborhoods handing ... Read More »

Get Ready for the Next Big Housing Boom!

What if I told you the next five years in real estate could set you up for a massive retirement — much bigger than you probably ever considered?  Why?  Because real estate is coming back and it’s coming back huge! Every day there’s another news report that real estate is finally beginning to make a huge comeback.   Many believe that the current recovery will be just as big as the crash — bigger than any real estate boom in history. Like most booms, though, it will happen fast, and many ... Read More »

Advertising Made Easy (Mastermind Call)

The following video is the live audio from a recorded training call held on October 27, 2011.  In it I am teaching our LCM Success Team on the subject of Advertising, beginning with determining your budget per lead, calculating your cost per lead, and finally evaluating various advertising ideas. Listen in and take the guess work out of your advertising expenditures. After you’ve had an opportunity to listen to the training call, I also recommend that you check out the following additional articles for your review on the same ... Read More »

Open House ’til it Sells!

Many of you who’ve followed my blog or my training know how I feel about open houses.  I think they are a bad idea.  I should clarify that statement.  I believe that there is one single instance in which you should consider an open house: continuously until it sells.  I’ll explain. Our company,, is the global leader in real estate virtual office technology, and we believe very much in the independence of agents and in lowering the high cost of overhead in today’s brokerages.  I’m about to share an ... Read More »

Anatomy of a Takeover

Many of you are a lot like me.  Entrepreneurial.  We’re constantly looking for opportunity, and when we see it, we often just naturally go for it.  Some of us more than others, depending on our place in life, our risk tolerance, financial ability, and the other things on our plate, but all of us, to some degree, learn to spot opportunity and react.  Such is the life of an entrepreneur. I thought that some of you might find it enjoyable or even possibly instructive, if I were to walk you ... Read More »

Online Marketing Webinar Notes

First, I’d like to thank all of you who took time out of your busy day to join me on yesterday’s webinar.  Based on your phone calls and emails, I’d say it was a success.  We covered a lot and based on the questions during the Q&A session, I have some of the sharpest agents among my readers. “Hi Matt! I had trouble getting on the call. is it recorded?” — Jean “Matt,  Excellent presentation, however I had to leave at 11:40 your time, so missed much of the walk ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 4)

Putting Together the Right Tools If I had to start from scratch in a new market with no experience, I would start with only a few basic technologies, and in this installment, I’ll discuss those essential technologies that I believe every agent must have in this new age of real estate. Want to hear the good news?  The entire thing can be done cheaper than sending out a typical direct mail marketing campaign every month.  I have virtually every piece of technology that I am about to suggest, and including ... Read More »

It’s Like Riding a Bike!

Many of my regular readers know that besides my real estate and technology life, I am very active and love to ride and race bicycles.  It’s a good way to stay fit and it’s a fun way to get exercise and hopefully keep my propensity to gain weight at bay.  And I race a lot. So far this year I’ve competed in 39 races — a mix of cyclocross and mountain bike races.  That is a lot of racing!  Those of you who follow me on Facebook have probably seen ... Read More »

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