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Add Value or Die!

A few weeks ago, the Department of Justice, Anti-trust Division set their cross-hairs on a local MLS. It alleged in the suit that the Columbia, South Carolina Consolidated Multiple Listing Service (CMLS) rules have caused consumers buying or selling homes in the Columbia, S.C. area to pay more for real estate brokerage services. Read full report of lawsuit. We all read articles like this one and it makes us freak out. Is our industry doomed to being taken over by the banks? Are fee for service companies taking over? What ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 15)

A Lethal Listing Presentation (continued) In the previous chapter we covered the traditional listing approach in detail.  If you recall, I call it the “Price Approach” because it relies on the price to sell the home.  Now allow me to introduce you to a brand new approach — the Traffic Approach. The Traffic Approach To understand the traffic approach, we need to turn our attention again to the “reasonable range.”  Real estate is entirely different from liquid investments with absolute values.  For instance, anybody can look up a share of ... Read More »

Free Advertising!

As someone who licenses lead capture technology to agents during arguably one of the toughest times on record, I hear this all the time: “But I can’t afford to advertise.”  Of course, I would say, you can’t afford not to.  But you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Here’s a strategy that will cost you nothing:  Advertise on CraigsList.  Advertising on CraigsList is free.  To use this strategy, all you’ll need is very efficient lead capture technology, and you’ll need some listings. Let’s start with listings.  What if ... Read More »

Is Your Business Down 15% Since July?

The numbers are in and sales of existing homes fell 1.8% from July 2014 to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.05 million in August, according to National Association of Realtors data released yesterday. Forecast for September is 4.88 million or another drop of 3.5%. At the same time, sales were down 5.3% from a year earlier, when the pace stood at 5.33 million. As you can see from the chart above, we are entering our seasonal slowdown, off from the highs of the traditional summer moving season. Many of ... Read More »

Advertising by the Numbers

As someone who spends a large part of my life training agents to succeed in this new age of real estate, I’m often amazed at the general lack of understanding on the topic of advertising in our industry.  I’m not talking about understanding the nuances of Madison Avenue or even being a student of David Ogilvy, Al Ries, or Jack Trout (some of the giants in the advertising industry).  I’m simply talking about having a good working understanding of the fundamentals of advertising, since as working agents, advertising is our ... Read More »

Hey Eeyore! (Part 5): A Brand New Practice In Only Three Days

I want you to imagine getting up this morning knowing that you are three days from a completely new real estate practice.  Three days until you can tell the asset manager on that short sale you are working on to go jump in a lake.  Three days and you won’t have to spend hours on the phone to past clients and friends trying to drum up the next transaction. Soon there will be no more loitering around stores, and other public places looking for business.  No more walking neighborhoods handing ... Read More »

Little Ditty About Tom and Marian…

I was working at my desk last night around seven when my phone rang. It showed to be a Missouri number and I thought it might be an agent needing help so I answered. I met the wife of a husband and wife real estate team. Marian. Tom and Marian work for a local franchise real estate company. I didn’t ask for their permission to share their names so I have omitted their last name. Marian was very youthful and energetic sounding so I was floored when she told me ... Read More »

The “1000 Phone Call” Test (Would You Pass?)

Earlier this week I had the privilege of talking to one of my Ultimate Website system users named Matt Mouser. We were discussing his business plan for next year — yes, he has a business plan! Because Matt is growing his business the way I’ve teach and is having great success I often brag about him and include some of our correspondence in my daily training email blasts. Well as we were talking on the phone Monday, he shared with me that whenever I mention him in one of my articles, ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 2)

Allow me to pose a question. What does it take to become the top listing agent in your market? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re already on your way! You’ve shown that you’re interested in mastering the listing side of our business.  And you’ve acknowledged that you are competitive — very competitive. You’ve shown your desire to become the best at something, so you’re not interested in mediocrity. What if I told you that the difference between a struggling agent and a master listing agent is very small? ... Read More »

The New Ultimate Listing Presentation (Part 4)

So how do you capture a typical real estate customer? According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2009 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, 94% of all home buyers and sellers begin their quests on the Internet, and many of them begin by going to a search engine like Google or Yahoo, where they do a search for homes or listings. Then they choose a link to a real estate website and visit that agent’s site hoping to find help in their search. The overwhelming majority of these real estate ... Read More »

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