Three Powerful Business Management Calculators

    • calculator icon 200Business Planning Calculator. We all want to know exactly what it would take to make $X. What if you could actually know? Well, now you can. Plug in your market variables and let this calculator give you a step-by-step road map for planning your day-to-day practice. Go to calculator »
    • calculator icon 200Advertising Evaluation Calculator. Let’s face it — we all know that much of what we spend our marketing dollars on is a complete waste of money. Using this calculator you can evaluate any advertising idea, and know instantly if it is within your budget or whether it makes sense to use in your market. Eliminate the guesswork — know without a doubt! Go to calculator »
  • calculator icon 200CMA and Proceeds Calculator. Use this simple calculator to build the Ultimate CMA and Proceeds Estimate in only a couple of minutes. This calculator is the perfect companion to the Ultimate Listing Presentation as taught by Matt Jones. In less than 5 minutes you can create a scientifically accurate CMA and Proceeds Estimate that will impress any seller. Go to calculator »

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