Show me an agent with a six-figure income and I’ll show you an agent with a business plan. I know what you’re thinking… “But I don’t have the time to write a comprehensive business plan.”

Well, now you do! Introducing our brand new Business Planning Calculator. Build your very own comprehensive business plan in less than 5 minutes. No kidding. I’ll show you. Most agents — the very ones that could benefit most by planning — won’t take the time to do it. So I decided I would make it too easy for them not to. Let’s face it: Nobody likes doing all the mathematical calculations required to really do a thorough job building a business plan.

So our company designed a “Business Planning Calculator” that allows any agent to build his own business plan in minutes, and not hours or even days. Just answer a few questions, like your income goal, your market’s average sale price, your brokerage split, the average commission percentage, and how much of your business you want to come from buyers or sellers. Push a button, and BAM! The calculator does all the hard work.

When you’re done, you can see how many leads you’ll need, how much time you need to spend on each activity to reach your goal, and much more. It will draw you a virtual road map to hitting your financial goals. And you can do endless “what-if” scenarios with the click of a few keys making a new plan in just seconds. Wonder if it would be better to work all buyers? Change your commission splits or change companies? Use the calculator and know for sure. I only wish I’d had it when I started in the business!

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