Case Study: Craig Moncreiff

There are a lot of things I like about my job, but without a doubt, my favorite part of the job is hearing from my readers (and users of my Ultimate Website system). I have received a lot of success stories over the years, and when I can, I like to share them.  I believe that success is contagious. A great success story will inspire you to be successful yourself, and below is a great success story:

Craig Moncreiff is an agent in the San Diego market. Like a lot of agents, he used to buy leads from a handful of companies, some of which have now been gobbled up by larger companies. But about three years ago, he decided enough was enough and took back control of his lead generation. And not only did Craig take control of his own lead generation, but he got really smart about it.  He partnered with a mortgage company and reduced his marketing costs to nearly nothing while increasing his number of leads.

Craig Moncreiff Photo 150Hey guys, I wanted to share my success story with you.  I hope you can use it to help other agents who are struggling or looking to increase their business.  As you know, I’ve been using your system for 3 years now.

Before using your Ultimate Website I spent a lot of money on leads.  I bought leads from Homegain, Reply, zBuyer, and several others.  Either the leads were coming in from further and further away or they just got a lot more expensive.  The “supposed” best leads in my area are now $315 EACH!   And the leads often would say they were just looking or just thinking about selling.

Now I get lots of leads.  Sure they’re not all listings or ready buyers, but it’s lots of good conversations.  And I don’t have to worry that I’m the tenth agent to call them. Usually, I’m the only agent calling.  And yes, I do get both listings and buyers from your Ultimate Website.

Your system was easy to set up both for myself and my lender.  I now use a service to place Craigslist ads and I have a partner pay for it.  What a difference! I now make 3-4 leads a day and only have to pay for my Ultimate Website.  My best other former lead service was about five shared leads a week and cost $299 a month.

Craig Moncreiff

One of the things I like best about Craig’s example is that when he decided to take control of his own lead generation, he was ruthless about it.  He took total control, cut his costs huge, then split the bill with a partner, and all the while getting a fivefold increase in his number of leads.  That is Guerilla Realty at its best.

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