A Tale of Two Agents

I received an email last night from our coaching department and it made my day!  I’ll share it in a minute.  The first part of the email was normal coaching stuff that I won’t bother you with, but the part that I really loved was this: “Thanks again for all your help with everything.  I […]

A New Twist on Sphere of Influence Marketing

When I was a new agent, one of the first marketing ideas I tried was “sphere of influence”, or “SOI” marketing.  If you are not familiar with the term, it is marketing to your personal network — those people who know you, like you, and would do business with you or would refer business to […]

Are You Brutally Honest?

Today in the real estate industry brutal honesty is a dying commodity. It seems everyone is so focused on being politically correct and never offending that we’ve forgotten how to be tactfully and yet brutally honest. We would rather allow a friend or client to make a mistake than risk offending them. But what’s even […]

A Lead a Day Keeps the Poverty Away

Well, 2013 is officially in the books! If you are like many agents I know, you’ve taken the last couple of weeks pretty easy and today you are finally back in the office getting set for the new year. Maybe you’ve even done some planning for this coming year. I hope so. If you’re like […]

A Huge Craigslist Opportunity!

It is not often when changes in major destination websites create real opportunities but the most recent change on Craigslist has created a huge one to anyone using our LCM technology or Ultimate Website.  Check this out! Over the last couple of weeks Craigslist has changed their site to prevent HTML “<a> tags” or clickable […]

A Great Real Estate Facebook Page

Okay, I’ll admit it… sometimes I’m a Facebook Creeper. This morning I was checking out the page of one of my readers and Facebook friends, Alan Endermann. Alan hails from Mandeville, a city in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain across from the city of New Orleans and its south […]

$1 Billion on Advertising!

“So Geico spends $1 billion a year in advertizing. What are your thoughts on that?” That’s what my friend and fellow agent Guy Loft from Madison, Wisconsin posted on Facebook yesterday.  My initial reaction was WOW!  But then it started me thinking and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you my readers. […]