Working With Phase 1 Leads

We started this month-long series on prospecting discussing how successful sales people don’t experience less failure on the phone, they have learned to eat the failure and keep on going. Then we talked about knowing your sales numbers. And yesterday we talked about knowing the real estate buying cycle which will tell you exactly what […]

The Real Estate Buying Cycle

Just like gravity keeps us from floating into the clouds, there are certain laws that exist that guide our customers actions, attitudes and receptiveness to us. This set of laws is known as the “Buying Cycle”. Every business on earth has a buying cycle, by the way. But in real estate that buying cycle can […]

List at 8% (or More!) Every Time

This listing presentation will show you how to list at 8% commission virtually every single time! Oh, I know that statement sounds incredible, but it’s true! There’s no reason that you can’t list for 8% or even more. The secret is in this presentation. Ethics and Listing at 8% Commission Okay, before we dive into […]

The Craigslist Killer (lead strategy)

A quick and dirty guide to how I generated 67 leads in one month without spending a dime — all during a “slow” month I keep getting asked about an advertising campaign that I ran that generated 67 leads in a month so I did a little write-up that you guys might find inspiring. The Results […]