Early Results: Client Alert! Technology

technologyI had to take a minute to share this with my readers.  As you know our company has been working on a brand new technology — Client Alerts! — that we rolled out for the first time yesterday.  If you missed it, take a moment to read about it.  We predict that this will be the next big thing in real estate!

Needless to say, I have been telling everyone that this will be the biggest breakthrough in lead incubation of all time and that it will be a total game changer for identifying those leads that are moving into Phase Two.  To listen to a master mind call on this topic, click here.  Well since it launched yesterday, I was eager to find out just how effective it would be so I raced into the office this morning to look at our early stats.

The very first agent to use it — a husband and wife team — set up their maiden Client Alert! campaign mainly just to see how it worked.  Were they ever in for a big surprise!  Let me share with you some things about the campaign:

Number of leads to be included: 102
Number of calls answered: 78
Number of no-answers: 21
Number of fails: 3
Number of engagements: 3
Number of opt-outs: 1

At first glance those are some phenomenal numbers. In one call, three leads affirmatively “raised their hands” and reached out to them indicating a move from Phase One to Phase Two.  Only one lead opted-out of future Client Alert! campaigns. But it is really much better than that.

Our coaching staff reached out this morning to follow up and learned even more.  They said they had to stop the campaign because they were getting too many calls.  Not only did they get the three “Press 2 for more information” engagements, but they got six more who affirmatively called them, not wanting to wait for a call-back.  That is a total of nine new leads moving to Phase Two.

Had the campaign been allowed to finish, they would likely have picked up a few more, but they were not even remotely prepared for all the calls they received so they stopped it mid-broadcast.  And they identified 3 bad phone numbers and automatically opted-out one lead cleaning up their database.

The monetary cost of their broadcast was  FREE because it’s included with our Ultimate Website system at no cost. But there was a small “time” investment. It took them about 5-10 minutes to program their first Client Alert broadcast.  The next one will take them maybe 2-3 minutes.

(By the way, I’ll even let you listen to the actual recording used for the Client Alert! campaign. Notice how low-key and casual she sounds — very friendly and non-threatening. When you listen to it, you’ll find yourself getting curious about the listing even though you’re not in her market! Click here to listen.)

Now let’s see how much of a time-saver it was.  To personally call those 78 customers to deliver the same message would have taken them 6.5 hours, not counting the 21 no-answers and 3 fails, or taking the time to handle that one opt-out.  From a leverage standpoint, that is HUGE!

When you analyze the ROI of this new Client Alert technology, you’ll see they received 9 new Phase Two leads, saved 7 hours of valuable time, and got to stand apart from all the other agents in the market in a very cool way.  And how much did it cost them?  This is my favorite part — not a dime!  This new Client Alert! Technology was already included with our Ultimate Website system.

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