Who are your photos really working for?

Are your listing photos working for you or for your competitors? Some websites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com display your listing photos in such a way that it can be confusing who the listing agent is. Sometimes it looks like the “featured agent” is the one who’s representing your seller when he or she is actually your competitor.

Here’s a simple tool to make sure that your photos are working hard for you and not for somebody else. With a few clicks you can professionally brand all your listing photos. It’s fast, easy, and free! Here’s all you have to do:

     1) Upload your plain photo.
     2) Enter the information you want on your branded image.
     3) Push the “Generate my Branded Image” button.

Yes, it’s really that fast. It really is that easy. And yes, it’s really free too! No hidden charges, no download fees, no embedded ads, no quantity limits or temporary trial memberships that expire after only a few days or uses. Give it a try and see just how easy it is. Then tell your friends and associates.

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