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affiliate programFor years now many of you have been asking us for an affiliate program. If that’s you, then today is your lucky day.

Starting today, any agent who has been using my Ultimate Website system can actually start getting paid to share their knowledge and experience with our Guerilla Realty technology and at the same time you can help other agents who may want to duplicate your success.

Here’s how our affiliate program works: Simply click the link at the bottom of this post and write a few paragraphs describing your experience using my Ultimate Website tools like web, phone, and text lead capture, or any of the other tools and training we offer.

Tell us what your business was like before and then how the Ultimate Website system has had an impact on your business.

We’ll set up and record a phone interview with yours truly and we’ll feature your story on the Guerilla Realty training blog and feature you in one of our daily training emails to help motivate other agents to duplicate your success. And if you choose to let us we can even share your contact information and allow you answer any follow up questions an agent might have.

If one of the agents you help eventually buys the Ultimate Website, not only will you be doing them a huge favor, but we’ll pay you a small stipend to cover your time in assisting them in fully understanding how the system works in helping you to make you money.

Everyone wins! Best of all, your affiliate link will work forever and you can share it however and whenever you like.

So what are you waiting for? Click the link below, spend a few minutes sharing your experience, and then sit back and get paid (at least reimbursed for your time) for helping out your fellow agents.

Here’s the link to get started: Affiliate Program

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I give away about 99% of all my technology and digital training content, completely free of charge, because I want to see other agents have the same kind of success that I've had. But one thing I charge for is my Ultimate Website technology. This is the web technology I created for myself that turned my real estate practice around overnight, and now I license it agents everywhere. But right now it's too popular and is currently waitlisted. Click here to get on the website as soon as possible and I'll notify you as soon as new invitations become available.