Lead Capture By Text

One of the fastest growing technologies today is text messaging.  Think about this: If you are like most people, you receive tons of email and many you just discard without even reading.  But I bet you read every single text message you get.  So does everyone else.  That is why LCM-Text is so powerful and effective, and it is why our text lead capture is growing faster than all of our other lead capture technologies in our Ultimate Website System. (LCM-Text is one of the four lead capture technologies in our Ultimate Website System.)

I will show you what I mean.  I want you to pretend you’re a customer driving down the street and you see a house you really like.  Here is the sign.

smaller yard sign text

Now, go ahead and try it.  Open a new text message to 704-665-0095 and enter 10004 in the message field.  Now press send.  Wait a few seconds.  Here is what you received back from my Ultimate Website System.

Text Flyer

First you got a quick overview of the home, followed by a link for some pictures and my contact information.  Since you are interested in learning more, you naturally clicked on the link and here is what you saw on your mobile phone:

text flyer content

Of course I could have sent you tons more info but then you wouldn’t need me. Now when I call or text you back to followup, I can offer you more photos and more info. What a great way to break the ice.

So throw away your flyer boxes and get my Ultimate Website.  Instead of making the neighbors angry because your flyers are littering their yards, now you can save the flyer cost and have leads sent directly to your phone and inbox, in real time.  That is putting technology to work for you. Here is what your new lead notification will look like by text message.

Notification text

Here is the lead notification by email also received in real time.

Notification email
So no more filling flyer boxes, upset neighbors, or lookers who never contact you.  Now you have their real phone number, and you know it is a real number because they used it to send the text.  And best of all the lead cost you nothing.  It just doesn’t get better than that!  And that is only one of many cool features in my Ultimate Website System and today I’m going to let you try it for a steal.

And I am going to use my own LCM-Text system to send you the deal!  So start a new text to 704-665-0095 and enter 10831 in the message field.  Now press send.  Wait a few seconds and you will see this unbelievable deal!  If you have been on the fence and don’t get this deal you will be sorry you missed it!  Sorry, but it will only be good today.

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