Little Ditty About Tom and Marian…

I was working at my desk last night around seven when my phone rang. It showed to be a Missouri number and I thought it might be an agent needing help so I answered. I met the wife of a husband and wife real estate team. Marian.

Tom and Marian work for a local franchise real estate company. I didn’t ask for their permission to share their names so I have omitted their last name. Marian was very youthful and energetic sounding so I was floored when she told me they’d been in the business for 28 years.

As you might imagine, over the years they have tried about every marketing idea you can imagine, and probably some you can’t imagine. We laughed together as we talked about some of the dumb things we’ve wasted our money on trying to generate business.

Eventually the conversation came around to her problem: They were spending a lot of money with several well known, popular website companies, they currently have multiple websites and lead generation tools, and yet she rarely gets any leads from her websites even though she’s advertising pretty extensively on Craigslist.

She told me they’d even resorted to buying leads through her franchise’s affiliation with another large technology firm. The leads were high priced and often contained no phone number or had bogus information. Sometimes the leads had already been sold to other agents as well. Needless to say, she was very skeptical of technology.

Because she had been following my training articles for over a year, she was very familiar with my LCM gateway and our new Ultimate Website. She began asking me very detailed and well-thought-out questions trying to understand if and how our website was different from the others.

Since we were on the phone together I took her through a guided tour, much like the 5-Part LCM Tour on our website, only with me as a narrator. We talked in detail about why her websites didn’t capture customers — that they were not specifically designed to capture customers but rather to give out information.

We discussed how my LCM technology captures 25-35% of its visitors where the typical real estate website only captures about 1%. Suddenly it made sense. Let’s face it — our websites are not like If we only have say 50 visitors to our website, and we only capture 1% of them the odds are we will generate no leads.

By the same token, take those same 50 visitors and an LCM gateway and you have anywhere from 12-17 leads. That’s a huge difference. Then we talked about the LCM phone gateway, the client manager and mobile application, the auto-blogging feature of our Ultimate Website, the social media tie-ins and the free setup and coaching.

Needless to say, she was astounded at just how different our system is. I explained that it is amazing how different a technology is when it is designed by somebody that actually practices real estate and not by a geek wanting to impress the boss with useless bells and whistles. The light had truly come on and she was ready to try it.

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