My Interview with Ben Gabossi

Hear how Ben Gabossi is generating an overflow of business in one of the worst markets in history.

I’m excited to share this short interview with readers. I met Ben Gabossi a few months after he started using my Ultimate Website technology, and I instantly liked him. Ben is a regular agent practicing real estate in the Denver, Colorado area.  But his practice is anything but regular.  Like a lot of markets, Denver is in a slump.  Home sales are mediocre, inventory is high, prices are stagnant, and agents are struggling.

Business is drying up everywhere — everywhere except Ben Gabossi’s practice that is.  Ben is still closing contracts and getting 2-3 new customers per week.  He’s growing his business just as most companies are shrinking or closing their doors all together.

An agent of 11 years, Gabossi operates an independent firm, Gabossi & Associates.  Ben is a bright agent always looking for innovative ways to bring in new business at low costs. Recently, Ben started using my Ultimate Website technology and placing free ads just like I do.

Less than two months ago, Gabossi captured his first lead — a name, a phone number, and an email address submitted through his Ultimate Website.  Only a few short weeks later was his first closing from business he captured online, with several more closings on the way. In this interview we ask “How?”

How is Ben generating and converting business when home sales are reaching staggering lows?  How can you do it without spending more money on marketing?  And how do you manage to go from generating internet leads to closing transactions in less than two months?  Gabossi shares everything in this unscripted interview.  You don’t want to miss it.

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    I am not aware of another lead capture solution available for the internet. Here is a link to learn about LCM in detail.

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    What is so different about your LCM Gateway technology compared to the many other lead capture systems available today?

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