Real Estate the New Way! (Introduction)

The Virtual Office Partnership opportunity discussed in this series is not currently available, however the technology and coaching required to open your own independent virtual office is available. Feel free to contact us for details.


What an awesome time to be in real estate!  I know what you’re thinking — “Have you lost your mind?” — but really.  I’m dead serious.  It really is an awesome time to be in real estate, if you’re doing real estate the NEW way.  Listen, if you’d have told me when I started in real estate seven years ago, that our company would be changing the real estate industry, I’d have laughed.  If you’d have told me that over 20,000 agents worldwide would use technology that we invented, I’d have said, “You’re crazy.”

If you’d have told me that over 100,000 agents just like you would take part in our training so they could learn this new way of doing real estate, I would never have believed you.  And if you’d have told me that my little company would be featured on CNN as “changing the way real estate is done” I would have said, “You have lost your mind.”  But you know what?  That’s exactly what happened.

Hi.  My name is Matt Jones and I’m the President and CEO of, but more importantly, for the next several sessions I’m going to be your instructor.  First I want to thank you for reading this article.  I’m willing to bet you’re here for one of two reasons.

You’re frustrated because you’ve been working hard and yet not having the results you’d like. I mean let’s face it — most agents today are working harder, and making less money than ever before.  And the truth is, you’re probably even a little frustrated because the very people who SHOULD be helping you are just as clueless about what’s going on as you are.

Either that or, you’re being proactive.  Maybe your real estate career is doing fine, but you see the changing direction of our industry and you feel like it’s getting tougher and tougher doing real estate the old way, so you’ve decided it’s time to invest in some training so you can stay ahead of the crowd.  Either way, you’re here, ready to learn.  I am honored.

Now, I’ll warn you: if you’re looking for a new twist on old-school real estate, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Trust me when I tell you, this will be different from anything you’ve ever been taught.  But many agents who’ve taken this training — who are doing real estate this new way — the way — are doing 10+ deals a month and working less than many of their old-school counterparts.

So I want to make this pledge to you: If you’ll really focus and learn the material in this series, and then, more importantly, take the time to actually apply the principles that I’m going to show you, your business will never be the same again. I promise.  It’s truly my greatest honor to be able to play even a small part in your success. So thanks again for taking this training.

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