What if you could actually know the odds of selling a client’s home in 30 days… or 60 days… or 90 days? Wouldn’t that make advising that client a lot easier? Well now you can! And it’s easy.

As a listing agent, one of the questions I was often asked by sellers when I was a listing their home was, “How long do you think it will take to sell my house?” As a new agent I struggled with this, and I did a lot of research to see if I could find the formula to calculate sale probability. Sure enough, I eventually found what I was looking for and it made a huge difference in my credibility. No other agents had that information and my sellers really wanted it.

Trust me, when you can show your client, with authority, how long it will take to sell his home, he’ll inevitably respect your honesty and the fact that you know exactly what it takes to sell a home in your market, even if he doesn’t like the hard facts. He knows that you’re not guessing, like most agents, but that you’re speaking with the voice of authority. Knowing your market better than any other agent will impress your clients while also giving your own confidence level a boost.

Of all the calculators we’ve developed, this one was the most difficult, but it’s also my favorite because it will give you information nobody else has, and that will win you the listing, time after time. You’ll love it! Simply put in the number of closed sales in the past 12 months, the number of listings currently on the market, and the number of days to estimate, and you will instantly know the statistical probability of selling any home within that time frame. So check out this awesome calculator and then let us know what you think of it.

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