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Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Part 1)

Let’s face it:  The largest single expense we have as real estate agents is advertising.  How large?  Many of the experts tell us we need to invest as much as twenty percent of our gross commission income into our marketing.  Twenty percent! While it is my contention that the experts have it way wrong as to their twenty percent budget, and I believe that you should be able to run your practice on less than half that amount, the fact remains that whether you spend ten or twenty percent, we ... Read More »

Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Part 2)

In the previous step we discussed the importance of determining the purpose of your advertising before placing your advertising.  Now that you have decided on a purpose, the next step before spending money on an ad buy is knowing your audience. Step Two:  Know Your Audience Why is it important to know your target audience?  Because in order to attract them you need to understand what they want.  Think about it like this:  Advertising is like fishing.  If all of the fish are biting on green jelly worms, then that ... Read More »

Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Part 3)

In our first two steps, we discussed how important it is to nail down the purpose of your advertising and then to understand who you are advertising to.  Think of these previous two steps as the information gathering for your ad… the prep work, if you will. Step Three:  Crafting Your Message Now it’s time to actually craft your advertisement.  Of course, when I speak of your “advertisement” I am referring to the message you might put on a search engine like a Google pay-per-click ad, or a classified-type ad ... Read More »

Four Steps to the Perfect Ad (Step 4)

In our three previous steps, we discussed knowing the purpose and audience of your advertising, then we moved on to actually crafting the advertising message.  That brings us to the fourth and final step in creating the perfect advertisement:  monitoring your results. Step Four: Monitor Your Results You may very well have the best advertising campaign ever, but if you can’t measure your results, you would never know.  But what if you could actually know exactly where every single customer came from?  And what if you knew the cost of ... Read More »

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