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Starting with Basics

Look around.  Today, agents are dropping like flies.  Real estate brokerages are closing on nearly every corner.  Good people are leaving the real estate business like rats from a sinking ship.  Not that I have any first hand knowledge about rats and sinking ships.  Where do they go anyway? I digress.  Why are they leaving the industry?  Primarily for one reason:  They can’t afford to stay.  In other words, the real estate business as it is today is not profitable at all for many of us, and only marginally profitable ... Read More »

Open House ’til it Sells!

Many of you who’ve followed my blog or my training know how I feel about open houses.  I think they are a bad idea.  I should clarify that statement.  I believe that there is one single instance in which you should consider an open house: continuously until it sells.  I’ll explain. Our company,, is the global leader in real estate virtual office technology, and we believe very much in the independence of agents and in lowering the high cost of overhead in today’s brokerages.  I’m about to share an ... Read More »

Become a New Home Specialist

The last installment was more geared toward brokers and team leaders so I will make this one for agents.  I’ll warn you: This strategy will not make you friends, but it will make you money.  If you are like most agents today, you are struggling for sales opportunities. You know what to do when you find a new customer, and hopefully, you do a great job.  The problem is finding enough customers. Here’s a great way to find new customers, and it costs almost nothing.  It works best if you ... Read More »

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse!

One of my favorite movie scenes ever was in The Godfather when Vito Corleone was asked how he got his own way in a particular situation. His answer was, “I make them an offer they can’t refuse.” In real estate, we are in the business of writing offers and negotiating contracts. In fact our most common form is called an “Offer to Purchase and Contract”, meaning that the document starts as an offer and upon acceptance, becomes a contract. Most of us have written dozens, if not hundreds of offers ... Read More »

Help a FSBO Go Hi-Tech!

I know… FSBOs are the enemy.  Right?  Wrong!  Here is a great little strategy that will make FSBOs love you and many ultimately do business with you.  More importantly, this strategy will set you apart from the crowd of FSBO-haters out there and will help you generate a ton of very low-cost business. Here is how it works.  Introduce yourself to a FSBO seller and first set him at ease by telling him you are not there to talk him into listing his home.  Reassure him that in many cases ... Read More »

Just Say NO to E&O!

What I’m about to share with you is going to get me a ton of email telling me that I’ve finally stepped over the line.  That I’ve lost my mind.  That I’m just plain nuts.  That’s okay — I’m going to share it anyway.  Here is a great tip:  Just say NO to E&O! But before you fire up your computer and email to tell me how crazy I am, let me explain.  I’m very much in favor of risk management… just not by using E&O insurance.  There are two ... Read More »

Become the Resident Genius!

I visited the Apple store in Durham yesterday to try out an i-Pad.  While I was there I talked to the kid who helped me, and he was probably 23.  Maybe.  He’s shaving at least once a week, I’m certain of it.  Funny thing was, he knew more about what he was selling than almost any REALTOR® I’ve ever talked to.  What a shame. It made me reflect back to another time — a time when we would go to a store, and the sales clerk would actually know what ... Read More »

Add an Admin Fee!

This is one idea that will create a lot of hot tempers on both sides of the issue.  As the guy that invented the 8% listing presentation, and that believes in agents making a good living, you might find my position on this interesting, and maybe different from what you might expect. I’m in favor of agents doing a great job, and I’m also in favor of us getting paid well — in other words paid commensurate to that great job.  Frankly, some agents today aren’t worth paying a dime, ... Read More »

Let a Lender Pay Your Ad Bill!

What is the single biggest expense we as REALTORS® have?  You guessed it — advertising.  In fact, all the so-called “experts” recommend we spend a full 20% of our gross income on bringing in business.  That’s nearly three times what other industries spend for advertising (most industries spend 6-7% of gross revenue.  So here’s an idea that will help you bring your advertising costs to a more attractive level.  Let a lender pay your ad bill.  Let me explain. Mortgage companies and real estate agents are typically trying to attract ... Read More »

Build Your Seller a Website!

What if I told you that for less than $10 you could build your seller a website?  Not $10 a month, but $10!  Actually you could build it for free, but spend the $10 to make it really special.  Now check out how simple this is and then imagine what your seller’s reaction will be. Let’s say you have a listing (or you would like to get a listing) at 4825 Kiara Drive.  Go online and buy the domain, “” (or .net if .com is not available).  I use, ... Read More »

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