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The Virtual Office Model (Part 1)

How Would You Like to Have a One-Minute Commute? More than 28 million employed Americans, or one fifth of the workforce, now participate in some form of telework! According to the ITAC (International Telework Association and Council), “23.5 million employed Americans teleworked at least one day per month in 2003. This number rose to 24.1 in 2004 and is expected to rise to 40 million by 2010.”  And that number would likely be much higher except that millions of American workers cannot telecommute because they build houses, serve food, mow ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 2)

It’s Not the Building — It’s the Power! In my last installment, I discussed how our industry is changing dramatically.  I discussed how over the last few years telework has become mainstream, and is now amounting to nearly a quarter of our work force.  I cited how working remotely is increasing in popularity as technology is developed and costs associated with commuting increase.  Five years ago nobody would have even considered a virtual office, and yet at the current rate of growth, in a few short years virtual offices will ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 3)

Desire + Tools + Training = Success In the previous installment, I discussed how agents are beginning to take their offices wherever they go — well, maybe not the entire office environment, but at least the advantages of the office.  Left behind are the endless interruptions, the noise, the mess, the well meaning colleagues “helping” or asking for help.  Still very much available, yet remotely, are an array of technologies from telecommunications, to software, to IVR and LCM customer acquisition technologies, to websites, and CRM solutions.  Virtually all the tools ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 4)

Putting Together the Right Tools If I had to start from scratch in a new market with no experience, I would start with only a few basic technologies, and in this installment, I’ll discuss those essential technologies that I believe every agent must have in this new age of real estate. Want to hear the good news?  The entire thing can be done cheaper than sending out a typical direct mail marketing campaign every month.  I have virtually every piece of technology that I am about to suggest, and including ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 5)

What Does it Mean to “Go Virtual”? Let’s assume that you’ve acquired the essential technologies that I talked about in the previous installments in this series.  Now let’s talk about the practical side of practicing real estate from a virtual office.  By way of a short review of the previous four installments, Are You Ready for the One Minute Commute? discussed the idea of working remotely in a virtual office from a macro perspective and just how mainstream that idea is becoming.  Today, twenty-three percent of our nation’s workforce currently ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 6)

Take a Tour of a Virtual Real Estate Office. I promised you a “virtual tour” of a “virtual company”, so let me walk you through my office and give you a guided tour.  That will help you picture how our model is so different.  In the last installment I shared how visiting our company for two short days gave one of the top brokers in the world a meltdown, and a wake-up call.  Maybe I can get your wheels turning too, and maybe I can help you actually visualize this ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 7)

So How Do You “Go Virtual”? After finishing my six-part series on the virtual real estate office, I received several letters, one of which I am quoting below: “Mr. Jones, your information on this topic is phenomenal. I’m in the process of converting to a virtual office brokerage firm. If possible I’d like more information about the virtual office business model: the system that connects all the technology resources that you mentioned and collectively streamlines the daily operations of the business. Or if not, maybe you can point me in ... Read More »

The Virtual Office Model (Part 8)

The Virtual Model Imagine starting your very own real estate brokerage. I know what you’re thinking: “But I don’t have the $20,000 for a franchise fee, or the $10,000 for a lease deposit and and first month’s lease payment.  For that matter, I don’t have the $50,000 it will cost me to buy the desks, tables, chairs, fax machine, copy machine, and all the endless stuff that I need to get things started.  And even if I had the $80,000 in hard start-up costs, and another $100,000 available for ... Read More »

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