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A Tale of Two Listings

I am about to tell you two true stories.  I’m embarrassed to admit it, but both are actual detailed accounts of real listing presentations made by none other than yours truly.  They are as different as night and day, and they illustrate just how much easier this business can be, if you do it the right way or on the other hand, just how much harder it can be if you do it wrong. When you read my accounts of these two listings, I want you to picture yourself as ... Read More »

Starting at the Beginning

Before we start getting into the details of my listing approach — what I’ve named the Traffic Approach — it is important to give you some background.  The reason this approach is so different is that it didn’t come through one of the usual sources.  I didn’t learn it at the feet of a guru, or coach, or trainer, and I didn’t steal it up from another book or seminar and put my own spin on it. The truth is, I discovered it by accident almost ten years before I ... Read More »

Which Approach: Price or Traffic?

According to the 2011 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile there were a total of 1,024,669 Realtors® as of Oct. 31, 2011.  Add to that the other half of the licensed real estate agents who are non-members and you have roughly two million agents who are practicing residential real estate today.  You know what that means? It means that there are potentially about two million different ways to sell a house.  That is a lot.  But the truth is there are really only two: the Price approach and the Traffic ... Read More »

Supply and Demand

In the last chapter, we compared the traditional, or Price approach with the Traffic approach.  We contrasted the two listing approaches as well as their different results.  Now let’s take a little closer look at my Traffic approach.  Up until now, I’ve shown you how it works, but I realize that because it’s so different from the traditional approach we’ve all learned and used for years, you still might be reluctant to give it a try. Instead, you’re no doubt having thoughts like, “Maybe it works in your market, but ... Read More »

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