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What Do All Top Agents Have in Common? (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a top producing agent? What a great question! If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, you’re already on your way. What if I told you that the difference between a struggling agent and a mega-producing agent is tiny? What if I told you that most agents I’ve met have within them the potential to become top agents? “Okay, Matt,” you’re probably thinking, “if it’s so easy, then why are most agents struggling today?” I believe they struggle because of fear. Fear ... Read More »

What Do All Top Agents Have in Common? (Part 2)

Anyone who’s been in real estate for any length of time knows that this business is becoming a business of extremes. Either you have more business than you can handle, or you struggle to pay the bills. There is no middle ground. And it’s getting worse every year. Soon you’ll either have a large real estate team, or you’ll work for one. It’s called consolidation, and it’s happening everywhere. All the traditional ways of getting business are becoming less and less effective, and many veteran agents are getting frustrated to ... Read More »

What Do All Top Agents Have in Common? (Part 3)

I can still remember buying leads from companies like HouseValues (now called Market Leader), HomeGain, and Service Magic. I remember getting the same lead that had been sold to three other agents, and I remember getting some “leads” that had only a name and an email address! I remember a high number of bogus leads. It was very frustrating, but I was desperate. So I decided to learn how to attract and capture my own customers. Now we generate all our own customers using our technology — tens of thousands ... Read More »

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