Ten Reasons You Should Build Single Property Websites for Every One of Your Sellers

10 reasonsIf you use my Ultimate Website system, then you’re going to be thrilled to learn that we’ve added yet another technology that will completely change how you get and manage your listings. It is called the Single Property Website Builder.

You can now build unlimited single property websites from inside your Ultimate Website.  To check out the new technology, log in to your Ultimate Website account and click on the “admin” tab.  About halfway down the page you will see that it has already been added so there is nothing extra for you to buy, upgrade, or install.

Now that you know about it, let share just a few of the reasons why this technology is so powerful.

Ten Reasons You Should Build Single Property Websites for Every One of Your Sellers

  1. Your seller clients will love them. T?he first and most important reason for building your seller a single property website is that your client will love it. I have never heard of a single seller who didn’t love the extra effort you put into marketing their home for them.
  2. Your seller clients will share them. A?fter you build the single property website for your seller, your seller will immediately share it with their friends and family and often times with everyone they know on social media. And by publicly sharing with their network how great you are, it will be harder for them to change agents down the road if their home doesn’t sell during the listing term.
  3. Your seller will generate free leads for you.? When your seller shares their “website” with their network, and many in their network go to visit the site, you will capture them with your lead capture gateway. Many times that network, wanting to help their friend will share the single property website with friends who are shopping for a new home and you will capture those buyer leads.
  4. The website will demonstrate you’re the “expert”.? Want to demonstrate clearly how competent you are, just do a superb job of marketing your client’s home in a public way. You don’t have to say a word… your work says it for you. You’ve put together a marketing site for your client that is unlike anything they have ever seen before, and it is part of your “regular” client service.
  5. Other listing agents won’t do it so it sets you apart. ?Not only does building your seller a single property website demonstrate you as the market expert, but it also distinguishes you from hundreds or even thousands of other agents who either won’t make the effort, or who assume it is super expensive or difficult, or who don’t even think about it to begin with. Best of all you don’t have to say a word ­­ you just stand out.
  6. They make great destination sites for Craigslist ads.? Want to generate tons of free leads from Craigslist, simply post the single property website along with what more info is available there and you will have lots of shoppers visiting your seller’s website and you’ll be capturing tons of free leads. How cool is that?!
  7. New homeowners will love their new “welcome home” site.? After the property sells, use the website as a welcome home site for the new buyer. If it was occupied when you took the initial photos, take some new ones once it is vacant, replacing the seller’s “living there” photos, and even offer to put up new photos once the buyer has moved in. This is a great tool the buyer will use to show all his friends his new home, and you’ll immediately be seen as a great agent by the buyer and his network.
  8. The new homeowner will generate you free leads. ?And when the buyer and the buyer’s network begin to share the single property website you have now gifted to the buyer, you will capture each of those leads as well.
  9. They will build your search engine rankings. ?Each new single property website you build will be adding to your website’s “local” content, pushing you up in the organic search engine rankings. Better still is that each new share of the website on social media will help your search engine rankings as well.
  10. They are free (or almost free).? Building your client a single property website using our tool is free. If you spend under ten bucks and purchase a domain name like this example: www.1816Morganton.com for a year, you have invested nearly nothing and the payoff will be HUGE. What a great return on investment.
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