Special Coaching Announcement!

Okay, so you signed up for coaching (or maybe you were thinking about it) and now you have lots of questions:  Questions like, what happens next?  Are you supposed to do something different?  Are we?  When do we get to the part about making more money?  That’s is why you signed up, right?  So let’s get right to it.

Before we began to formally offer our business coaching services, whenever an agent licensed our technology, we sent him an email inviting him to be part of an orientation training class so he would understand exactly how to use our tools to generate business.  Many agents have taken that initial training, and gone on to make money using our system.

Unfortunately many others who signed up have not taken the training, have instead gotten busy or distracted, and have ultimately forgotten why they licensed the technology in the first place.  Then when another interesting idea came along, and they were off chasing that new idea.  What a shame.  Wasted money and wasted opportunity.

Let’s face it — whenever an agent signs up to use our technology he or she doesn’t care about the tool, or how it works.  The last thing on his mind is all the technical minutia — he just wants to solve his “no-customer” problem.  And because our tools are technology driven, many times all the technical stuff tends to get in the way.

I was determined to change all that, and here’s how I envisioned doing it:  Instead of focusing our attention on the technology, we would focus on the agents.  We could simply come alongside and help those agents generate and close more business.  After all, that is the reason they started looking at our technology to begin with.

Because we had put the technology out in front, it had become the focus of all the attention when it shouldn’t be.  By adjusting our focus to coaching agents to generate and incubate leads, as part of a systematic plan to transition them into doing real estate the “new way”, we believe we can keep more agents from getting bogged down in the technology.

Sure, technology is still important, but it is simply a tool, and not an end to itself.  The key to our success teaching real estate the “new way” is changing minds.  That means helping agents think differently.  And from thinking differently comes acting differently.  From acting differently comes different results.  Better results.  Transformed practices.

Here is a practical example of what I mean.  Last week one of our old technology users (now coaching students) called me up asking about pay-per-click advertising and advertising budgets and a million related questions, all revolving around online marketing.  She couldn’t see the forest for the trees.  Her mind was spinning and she was desperately trying to figure out how to use a great tool (our LCM Gateway) to generate more business.

But she was caught up in all the technical details and she had become blind to the obvious.  Fortunately she called me.  She was surprised that I answered the phone, but after than initial shock, she began to pour out her frustration.  I listened and asked her a few questions so I could determine how I could help.

I realized that she had the cart before the horse, so to speak.  I asked her where she wanted her practice to go over the next year.  She had no clue.  Instead, she was in survival mode, just trying to hang on.  We talked for about an hour and I walked her through some goal setting and doing a simple business plan and as we did the plan together, she realized that she had been worried about all the wrong things.

I gave her some homework and we discovered that she would be able to accomplish her production goals without spending any more money on advertising, simply by being smart about her advertising in some ways I pointed out.  By the time the call ended, she was optimistic again, and she was energized with some specific action steps toward accomplishing her newly-formed plan.

I’m sharing this story so you can see the difference.  The old way, if she could figure out the right questions to ask, she could call in and our support team would gladly help her.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t.  She was so bogged down that she couldn’t see the forest for all the trees.  But when I was able to look at her situation from a different perspective, I was able to help her focus.  She hung up, ecstatic and I was every bit as happy because I got to experience the thrill of seeing someone whose light bulb went off.

I would love to help each of you, my readers, the very same way.  But the only way I can, is for you to contact me.  As a coaching student and technology user, you have my direct number as well as the number to our support staff.  Now, instead of just paying for the coolest suite of real estate technology, you get it all for free, just by being one of my coaching students!  You can call me every day if you want.  I’ll either answer, or call you back if I’m tied up when you call.

Once a week, I’ll be teaching a live teleconference class and you are invited to attend.  Between then my staff and I are available to help you one-on-one until you “get it”.  Learning real estate the “new way” is not really that hard, but it is definitely worth the time investment.  And once you’ve learned the secret to practicing real estate this new way, you’ll be more successful than you can possibly imagine.
I’ll close by asking you this:  How big is your dream?  Do you ever dream of doing more than you’re doing now?  Do you dream of making more money than you do now?  Of having more freedom?  Of having less stress in your life, struggling to make that next commission check?  If you do, let’s change that.  I’d love to help, but you’ll have to take the first step.

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