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chrisBy Chris Jones

There’s lots of marketing advice out there for agents. Most of it boils down to “do what everyone else is doing”. Here’s a typical strategy you might find in a book: Cold call expireds for 4 hours. Typical results might be 1 lukewarm lead, or no leads at all.

A typical strategy you might find online: buy leads from Zillow. It costs you $1,000+ per month. You share the leads with other agents, and now you’re tired and frustrated.

But you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. There are better strategies.

We test new lead generation ideas CONSTANTLY, and we take the most effective strategies and turn them into step-by-step guides so that you can follow along and duplicate our results.

These strategies are simple and free, but deadly effective. If you’re tired of agent “group think”, and you’re ready to try something different, give these strategies a whirl. If you struggle, let us know and we’ll try to help.

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The truth is, it is relatively easy to capture 2-3 inbound buyer or seller leads from Craigslist every day, if you know what you’re doing. We teach you how to write the ads and the tools you will need to duplicate a campaign that generated 69 leads over the last month.


Zillow has become a giant in the real estate tech space. But what if you could leverage the massive real estate traffic that Zillow gets and generate 13 leads in a week without spending a dime? Well, you can and this guide will show you how to use free tools and 5 minutes to generate a steady stream of leads.


List to last is the old saying in this business.  Learn the method behind how we listed 114 homes in a single year and all at 8% (or more!) commission.


Prepare for 2014 by Doing Three Things…

In less than two weeks it will be 2014!  Wow, did this year fly by!  I don’t know about you but as I wrap things up for this year, I begin to think about next year.  For years I didn’t think...


The Anatomy of a Sale

Most of you know that I am a number guy.  I love numbers because numbers don’t lie.  You can always count on them to give you accurate information.  You also know that I am constantly preaching...


Yes, I Am Optimistic… And Here’s Why

Let’s face it: Our nation is in a very tough place, economically.  We have mounting debt, ever increasing taxes, less and less people paying into the system and more and more people taking money...


How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days

I’ve been told I am good on the phone.  Prospecting has always been very important to me and I’ve worked hard at developing my phone skills so I would be better at prospecting.  I’ve read well...


She’s Just Not That Into You!

Have you ever received a phone call from an ad or yard sign and the call went something like this: You: Good morning! This is Matt with FavoriteAgent Realty. How can I help you this fine morning?...


The Secret to Stopping the Slinky Effect

What would you do if you had no active clients and you needed to generate some income?  Many of us have experienced that before — hectically finishing up with a flurry of deals, depositing...


A Huge Craigslist Opportunity!

It is not often when changes in major destination websites create real opportunities but the most recent change on Craigslist has created a huge one to anyone using our LCM technology or Ultimate...


Advertising 101 (Part 7)

In this final installment I’m going to give you the key that will make you money: knowing how to test your results.  If you can’t test and measure your results, you can never make an intelligent...


Advertising 101 (Part 6)

Now it’s time to actually write our ad.  Before you dismiss this step as not important,  I would like to ask you a question: If the actual ad copy were not critically important, why is there an...


Advertising 101 (Part 5)

In the last part we covered developing your advertising budget and then translating it to a budget per lead.  Now I’ll show you how to calculate your cost per lead.  After you have your budget...


Advertising 101 (Part 4)

Okay, so now that we know who our customers are, what they are looking for, and what motivates them to respond to our advertisements, we’re almost ready to talk about the advertisements...