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A New Twist on Sphere of Influence Marketing

When I was a new agent, one of the first marketing ideas I tried was “sphere of influence”, or “SOI” marketing.  If you are not familiar with the term, it is marketing to your personal network — those people who know you, like you, and would do business with you or would refer business to you.  Seems simple enough, right? The experts all say that if you have a SOI of fifty people, you can stay busy doing nothing but referral business from your personal network.  Maybe once upon a ... Read More »

The Ultimate Blog

Let’s face it: Blogging is like flossing… Everyone knows they need to do it and yet nobody does it.  I remember going to a seminar or training class and listening as some blogging guru got me all excited about starting my own blog and so I decided I would bite the bullet and start my own blog. While I waited for my blog website to be built I imagined filling it with all of the real estate wisdom that so unceasingly flows from my vast wells of experience (sarcasm).  I ... Read More »

Federal Judge Ponders Legitimacy of RE/MAX Trademarks!

Real estate giant, RE/MAX is in jeopardy of losing two of their trademarks as a result of bully tactics that have backfired on them.  I’ll bet they didn’t see that coming! Many of you have been following the real-life David and Goliath story of RE/MAX attacking me and my company for allegedly infringing on their trademark.  How did I supposedly infringe on their mark?  By using the colors red-over-white-over-blue in my yard sign design. This saga has been ongoing since 2010, but in case you’re just now hearing about it ... Read More »

Surving Your Serengeti — the Interview

Many of you already know my good friend Stefan Swanepoel.  Although he is an industry icon and visionary, because our industry attracts hundreds of thousands of new agents each year, some of you may not be familiar with him.  For those of you who don’t allow me this introduction. Stefan’s professional career has focused on identifying trends and changes in the real estate industry and is widely recognized as the leading visionary in this field. He has penned over 19 books, reports and whitepapers, over 1,000 published articles and given ... Read More »

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