Internet marketing

WWGD — What Would Gary Do?

One of our new Ultimate Website clients is Chicago Realtor® Gary, H. of One Stop Realty Shop. Gary recently emailed our coaching staff and said, “… I have two campaigns set up which led to two appointments, one a listing and one a sale…” That’s awesome considering he just started! But I really loved his […]

How to Turn Leads Into Deals with Jennifer Allan

National real estate trainer, Jennifer Allan interviews me on the topic of Working Internet Leads on a national Sell With Soul conference call. Years ago you could ask most agents and they would tell you that the internet was a passing fad.  Today, nearly everyone realizes that it’s here to stay and those who master […]

The Science of Online Marketing (Part 1)

In June 2002 I got my real estate license and embarked on a brand  new career — selling houses!  I was excited.  I studied everything I could find.  I took classes.  I read dozens of books on real estate practice.  I couldn’t wait… and then nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong — I did all […]