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A Happy New Year Voice Mail from Gary H.

I received this phone message over the holidays and wanted to share it with you, my readers. Gary has been with us for some time now and so he’s had time to really see what the LCM and Ultimate Website can do for your marketing. I thought some of you might like to hear right from him… straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I’ve bleeped out his last name to protect his identity because I’ve not asked his permission to share the voice mail with 30,000 readers. Happy ... Read More »

WWGD — What Would Gary Do?

One of our new Ultimate Website clients is Chicago Realtor® Gary, H. of One Stop Realty Shop. Gary recently emailed our coaching staff and said, “… I have two campaigns set up which led to two appointments, one a listing and one a sale…” That’s awesome considering he just started! But I really loved his attitude. He went on to say, “…You’ve been doing this for some time whereas I haven’t . Your wheel works and I’m wanting to duplicate what works… Great system!” Thanks, Gary. You see, Gary has ... Read More »

How to Turn Leads Into Deals with Jennifer Allan

National real estate trainer, Jennifer Allan interviews me on the topic of Working Internet Leads on a national Sell With Soul conference call. Years ago you could ask most agents and they would tell you that the internet was a passing fad.  Today, nearly everyone realizes that it’s here to stay and those who master internet marketing will carve out a huge market share while those who don’t will continue to do less and less business. In the previous three installments in this series I interviewed agents from all across ... Read More »

The Science of Online Marketing (Part 1)

In June 2002 I got my real estate license and embarked on a brand  new career — selling houses!  I was excited.  I studied everything I could find.  I took classes.  I read dozens of books on real estate practice.  I couldn’t wait… and then nothing happened. Don’t get me wrong — I did all the things that all the experts said I should do, but my results were very limited at best. After three months (and about 70% of my savings) I realized I was in trouble.  As much ... Read More »

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