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Whatever Happened to Five Star Service?

Five-Star Service.  When is the last time you experienced service that was truly five-star? Has it been a while? I don’t know about you, but it’s been ages since I have. In fact, I recently had an experience that was a tipping point. It was, in a manner of speaking, sort of a last straw for me. Let me share it with you. I’ve been an Amazon shopper from the beginning. I love being able to shop whenever I want and get my stuff delivered right to my door.  Amazon ... Read More »

The Most Important 5 Seconds of Any Real Estate Transaction

For every closing… every single deal… there is that one moment… that one crucial moment where things can go terribly wrong but don’t. The “tipping point” of any transaction where if you handle it right the result is a commission check, and if you handle it wrong, there is the frustration of yet another missed opportunity. Sure, you may tell yourself that the lead was just a tire-kicker — a poor quality lead — but in your heart of hearts you know that it really came down to that moment… ... Read More »

Rethinking Your Promo Photo

Several times in the last week I had almost identical conversations with different agents, so I thought it might be a good idea to share it with my readers.  During the course of showing agents around my website we would eventually come to my photo. The reaction is almost predictable.  There is a weird kind of stunned, nearly audible silence where you can almost hear the wheels turning in their minds as they try to decide what to say.  On the one hand, they almost universally like the photo, but ... Read More »

Two Reasons Agents Fail

After a decade of training, coaching, and managing agents I’ve seen hundreds of agents leave the business broke.  Sadly, many of them could have been — and should have been — successful had they done just a couple of things differently. The fact is our industry turns over a third of its practitioners every single year.  In other words, one out of three agents in business today, will be out of business a year from now.  Try and think of another industry with that kind of failure rate. The sad ... Read More »

Two Problems, One Solution…

Can I be completely honest with you?  I think we all struggle with the same two things.  Finding enough customers and getting motivated.  We get pumped up and excited and we can’t find enough business so we burn out.  Or we have plenty of business but we lose our motivation and focus.  I guess it is the human condition.  I know I fight these same two things and I’ll bet many of you do too. Yesterday I posted a an article on Beating the Winter Blahs and I got an ... Read More »

Beating the Winter Blahs…

I received an email from one of my readers and long time LCM and Ultimate Website users that I wanted to share with you. His name is Butch Rumenapp and he’s the broker owner of an Exit Realty office in Marine City, Michigan. I have to say that of the many emails I received this week, this one has to be one of my favorites, primarily because it is just plain honest. See if doesn’t resonate with you. Hey Matt, The problem I’m having lately is lack of motivation! I’m ... Read More »

Tony’s Deal

Today I was away from my desk and I missed a call from an agent named Tony who lives in Clearwater, Florida. I didn’t get his permission to share his last name so we’ll just call him Tony C. Tony said he’d been reading my blog and receiving my daily emails for quite a while and he was ready to try out my Ultimate Website. But he had a question first. “How much does it cost?” (After sharing this with my staff I was told we get that question a ... Read More »

Yes, I Am Optimistic… And Here’s Why

Let’s face it: Our nation is in a very tough place, economically.  We have mounting debt, ever increasing taxes, less and less people paying into the system and more and more people taking money from the government. Today’s bad news was that Industrial Production is down for October.  The labor participation rate (the percentage of people over 16 who either have a job or are actively searching for one) is the lowest it’s been since 1978. What’s worse is that the leaders of our country seem incapable of working together ... Read More »

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