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When we first developed the Ultimate Website system we were doing a great job of creating tons of leads for the agents using it, but we noticed that we were overloading the organizational skills of many of those agents in the process.

Think about it for a minute: two to three new leads a day doesn’t sound like many, but then remember that the search length of the average homebuyer is 13 weeks. That means you are trying to keep up with a couple of hundred customers at one time. That’s a lot of notes, and a lot of emails. And trying to keep up with all that in a manilla folder or yellow pad makes for quite a mess and a very fat folder.

So I needed to figure out a way to get our Ultimate Website users to switch to a client management program or else we would simply overwhelm them with all the new leads. Based on my experience with my own real estate team, I knew what wouldn’t work. As a team we’d already tried Top Producer, Agent Office, Outlook, Market Leader, and Salesforce.com.

Don’t get me wrong, all of those CRMs (customer relationship managers) have lots of features — many of which agents never even discover much less use — but they all have the same inherent problem. They take so long to learn that most agents will simply never use them. Sad but true.

Since most of the agents I knew had about a ten-minute attention span, I was determined to build a client manager that had a five-minute learning curve. That was the goal. And that was ten years and four generations ago. Now it’s more powerful and easier to learn than ever before. But don’t think that’s because we left out function.

pipeline 1

Pipeline-i has all the function you need without the hassle. Everything you need is on one screen so you aren’t clicking from screen to screen to make a note or schedule an appointment. Oh, and speaking of appointments, we made our calendar to integrate with all major smart phones too, so you don’t have to maintain multiple calendars. I schedule an event in Pipeline and it is automatically scheduled in my Google calendar and my iPhone.

All of your leads automatically come into Pipeline from your various LCMs. No hassle of having to type them in. They are already labeled so you know where they came from and they are tagged as to which phase of the buying cycle the customer is in, helping you to know before you contact them whether to use a direct approach or a soft touch.

Some other cool features of Pipeline are the “local time”, “share” and “Google search”. The local time feature keeps you from waking up your clients in the middle of the night because you live on the east coast and your client happens to be living in Hawaii and searching for a home in your market. You can see at a glance what time it is in your client’s locale.

The share feature allows you to refer a lead to another team member or maybe another agent you might be giving it to for a referral fee. The entire lead, complete with contact information and all your working notes is automatically transferred with one click. Very cool.

The Google search feature is also something you’ve never seen in a client manager. One click and it searches the email address, the phone number or numbers, and the name of the lead and returns tons of information, much of which you can use in learning about your new client. Maybe he’s a VIP or has interests or hobbies — information you can use to build that initial connection.

pipeline mobile

Of course it has the normal sort and search functions you would expect with any top-quality client management application, but it has the most important feature of all: simplicity, making it the database you’ll use. And, because it is cloud based it never has to be synced. Make a note on Pipeline mobile and it is there when you log on at home.

When you purchase the Ultimate Website you get the Pipeline client manager and mobile application free of charge. We don’t want to overwhelm you with the continual flow of new leads. But Pipeline-i client manager is just one of the cool features of my Ultimate Website system. Continue the tour and discover even more.

Click to get the Ultimate Website now!
Click to get the Ultimate Website now!

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