The Ultimate Website

I’d like to introduce you to the Ultimate Website itself. What makes it the “ultimate” website is that it addresses all the weaknesses inherent with traditional real estate websites, just like our SimpleSite did, but without departing so far from the traditional website that it makes our agents uncomfortable. Let me show you a number of reasons why this is the Ultimate Website.

ultimate website 1

As you can see, at first glance it looks pretty traditional.  Maybe a little cleaner and a little more customer-centric (borrowing from our SimpleSite design) than the typical real estate website, but traditional looking none-the-less.  But then it starts getting really cool.

Semi-blind or Branded

Unlike most websites, the Ultimate Website allows you to toggle on or off the header with your company logo and agent photo and contact information.  With either choice you are still in compliance with state real estate laws because your company information is still on the contact page.  As you probably know, there is a large body of data that suggests non-branded websites perform better in customer surveys.

ultimate website 2

User-friendly Interface

Unlike most agent websites, you have a very simple interface that allows you to choose one of 36 color schemes, select any national company logo or upload your own company logo, your own photo and contact information, and turn on or off various pages and functions.  You can also put your own content on the individual pages or choose to use the default content.

ultimate website 3

LCM Options

Studies show that as the number of times a user has to click, or the number of pages he visits increases, the tendency to leave the site also increases.  The technical term for that is “abandonment rate”.  Our next generation LCM uses the latest lightbox technology to eliminate two of the customer clicks.  This allows for an even better capture rate than ever before.  But that’s not all.

Not only do you get the latest generation of our LCM, but we now give you several options regarding the function of your LCM gateways.  You can now require returning visitors to login again just like our previous generations, or you can have your website completely bypass login for customers who have already registered.  That gives the customer a simpler and more hassle-free user experience, while still allowing you to capture them the first time they visit.

Market Stats

One thing that will set you apart from the other agents in your market and make you the “expert” on the local real estate market is your command of the market statistics and your ability to communicate those stats to your customers.  The Ultimate Website makes that easy.

Simply go to your admin page, and answer a few simple questions with information you can pull up from your own MLS and you have an incredible resource available for your clients.  You simply pull up the number of sales and the number of active listings, along with the average sale price and average listing price for each customizable price tier, and our technology makes all the behind-the-scenes calculations to make you look like a genius.

ultimate website 5

You have average days on market and absorption for every price tier as well as average markdown, average discount, and price trend.  You do very little research and the website makes you look like the sharpest agent in town!  I know that I’ve been posting this data on my Facebook page and every time I do, I get a flood of “Likes” and comments.  Again, how cool is that?!

The Ultimate Home Search

Whether you want to pay your local MLS an extra fee for a personalized IDX or not, our Ultimate Home Search allows you to include all the top IDX powered home searches like Zillow, Trulia, along side the top non-IDX powered home searches like Craigslist and  Better yet it allows you to add even more value by including the National Sex Offender database and the Great Schools database making your website the “one-stop-shop” of home searches. The Ultimate Website system does not include a custom IDX home search, nor does it require one. If you want a custom IDX search you will need to contract for that separately.

OneHomeSearch Site

Of course, many agents immediately think, “Why would I want to send my customers to other websites?”  Don’t kid yourself — they’re already going to those sites.  Check out the latest website traffic data for the big three (Zillow, Trulia, and


So if they are already going to these sites, why not give them a reason to use your website to do it?  Why not make it really easy for your customer to use and compare all the top home searches and at the same time let them cross reference sex offender and school ratings data in one simple and easy to use place.  What’s really cool is that by the time they click to one of those other sites, you’ve already captured the lead and you have a record of where they are searching which makes your followup that much easier.

customer screen

The Ultimate Home Search takes advantage of the power of these mega-sites and uses their combined databases to offer the best home search to your customer without costing you the monthly fees your local board and/or custom IDX provider will charge you for a personalized IDX search.  Your customer gets a better experience and you get to save money!

Mortgage Partner

I wanted to add one more thing — sort of the icing on the cake, if you will.  I wanted to include a way to get your technology paid for you for free. So I included a mortgage page which you can allow your favorite lender to sponsor.  You have the ability to upload the lender’s logo, photo and their contact information.

ultimate website 7

Most mortgage loan officers are looking for sponsorship opportunities to connect with real estate agents and they are looking for leads.  This gives them both!  And it also has mortgage content that you can edit and two calculators: “How much house can I afford?” and a “Payment Calculator”.  Partnering with a loan officer is the ultimate win-win: your partner gets leads and exposure and you get somebody to pay for your technology.

Social Integration

So you think all those killer features are cool?  Then you’ll love this.  Go to any of your pages — your market stats, a blog post, or wherever — and click the Facebook “Share” button and you just posted it to your Facebook page.  And, when your clients read an article they like and “Share” it, it posts to their page.

Talk about a cool way to stay in touch with your sphere of influence while building credibility and traffic to your website!  And it works the same with Twitter too.  What a great way to leverage the power of the two biggest social networks without having to do anything special.

What if  you set aside half an hour each month to update your market stats?  When you’re done, you simply click the Facebook and Twitter buttons and instantly share the updated info on your social media.  Within minutes you have a flood of interested people coming to your website for free, and you get to capture them with your LCM.  That’s exactly what I do.

Better yet, they are coming to you, the market expert, instead of you calling them up begging them for business.  It is a complete change of posture — they’re coming to you instead of you going to them.  That alone is priceless.

Click to get the Ultimate Website now!
Click to get the Ultimate Website now!

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