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We all know that one of the best ways to get free traffic to our websites is to have fresh content. That is one reason why blogging is so important. Another is that posting high quality, relevant content on your blog, sets you apart as an “expert” without having to blow your own horn. But here’s the problem:

Most of us start blogging with the best of intentions, but we tend to give it up quickly because it is simply too time consuming, or we get “writer’s block” and can’t think of anything to post. The Ultimate Website has you covered on both accounts.

First, we designed the blog so that posting your content only takes a few seconds — a far cry from how long it takes on most of the popular blog platforms.


Second, we made it so that you can have a current and always updated blog, and never touch it. Our sister company,, is the largest online source for real estate news and best practices articles in the industry. Partnering with, we developed a unique way to automatically post consumer real estate news directly to your blog for you, every day or two.

Of course, you can still edit or delete any of those articles as you wish, but we’ve taken care of the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to spend your time on what you do best — selling real estate. You can even turn off the blog page if you don’t want your customers to see it, and we will still continue to add content that will help with your search engine rankings. How cool is that?!

Single Property Websites

Want a really cool marketing idea that will generate business and make your sellers love you? Post some really nice looking photos of a listing along with little blurbs about various features and you have a single property website. Go online and buy your seller a domain, like


and point that domain to your blog page. Now you have a single property website and it has its own LCM-Web built right in!

And just like any other of your website pages — your market stats, a blog post, or wherever — you simply click the Facebook “Share” button and you just posted it to your Facebook page. While you’re at it, send the link to your seller and ask them to share it on their Facebook page. Every time one of their friends or acquaintances goes to view the seller’s website, you have a new lead and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

Click to get the Ultimate Website now!
Click to get the Ultimate Website now!

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