CNNYou’re probably visiting this page because you’ve heard of our Ultimate Website technology.  After all it is the one thing that we are best known for — It’s why we’re the global leader in online lead generation and it is why we were featured on CNN as “changing the way real estate is done in America”.

Most agents associate our name with online lead generation but very few know exactly what that entails.  This short tour will give you a better idea of exactly what is included when you get the Ultimate Website system — the different technologies and how they work.  Let’s get started…

LCM is Lead Capture Magic

At the end of the day, there’s not a single problem in real estate that you can’t solve by having more customers. More income means you need more sales. More sales means you need more customers. It really is that simple. And the Ultimate Website is all about helping you make more money by getting you more customers. To accomplish that goal, we’ve included state-of-the-art lead capture technology for the web, for phone, text messaging, and for social media.


Today more than nine out of ten real estate shoppers begin online, and eight out of ten do almost all their searching online. Sadly, last year the average agent generated only four inquiries from the internet resulting in zero closed transactions and yet today agents are investing in technology more than ever before. Introducing LCM-Web.


LCM-Web was the very first tool we developed, and it put us on CNN. Instead of capturing 4 leads last year, keeping everything else the same and adding LCM-Web you’d have captured between 80 and 120 leads with the exact same traffic. And when leads are captured using this powerful technology, they are sent to you by email and text while your customer is still on your website.

leads by text and email


You may remember the old call-capture hotlines from a decade ago. LCM-Phone is the next generation of call capture hotline. Imagine a customer driving by your listing. He likes the house and calls your hotline number. Even if he has caller-ID block, his phone number is captured and just like LCM-Web, the lead is sent to your inbox and smartphone in real time allowing you to follow-up immediately.

side by side yard signs


Throw away the flyer box on your yard signs. Instead your signs allow your customers to call your information hotline (as in the photo above) or to text a 5-digit code and instantly receive detailed information, photos of your listing and your contact information. You might decide to give the buyer both options by including both on your yard signs. And while your customer is still in front of your listing, you are receiving his phone number so you can assist him.

Or, use LCM-Text to offer information by text on a property ad like the Craigslist ad pictured below. As you know, most people who are early in the home search process don’t want to speak with an agent. So instead of relying on the buyer having to reach out and contact you, why not give him different, non-threatening ways of getting the information he wants? And all three ways generate you a new inbound lead. Now one-click share it to your Facebook timeline using LCM-Social (next).

CL ad


Social media is probably the greatest tool ever for staying in touch with your sphere of influence. Gone are the days of having to block off phone time to work your way through your sphere every month, and with it gone are those uncomfortable calls with made-up reasons when you were simply just trying to stay in touch. Now by using LCM-Social, you can post listings, market stats, interesting articles, videos, or whatever to your blog and with a single click broadcast them to Facebook or Twitter. When friends or acquaintances then click to read your post, you identify the member in your sphere that is thinking about real estate with no pressure and no awkward phone calls.

When you purchase my Ultimate Website, you get all four state-of-the-art LCM technologies. All four deliver your leads to you in real time both by email and text message allowing you to be quick for the followup. When the leads come in, they are already labeled as to where they came from (see the lead image above).

Team Ready

Some agents and brokers use the LCM system to support their team or small office. They simply assign different LCM’s to individual team members allowing each to have his own LCM-Web, LCM-Phone, and LCM-Text. And of course each team member is always welcome to participate in the training calls.

Better yet, because each LCM is custom labeled, you don’t have to remember which was assigned to which individual listings or team members — each lead displays the custom label you gave to the LCM that generated the lead. Just one of the many very cool features of my Ultimate Website system. Continue the tour to discover more.

Click to get the Ultimate Website now!

Click to get the Ultimate Website now!

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