Ten Steps to Real Estate Success (Introduction)

One of the most rewarding things I get to do is to teach agents, and yet one of the most frustrating things I do is to teach agents! What’s up with that?! Here’s what’s up with that: Some agents “get it”, and some agents don’t. The ones who don’t remain set in their ways no matter how much training they get, and they typically fail or merely subsist on a meager income for most of their career.

I think the agents that fail, or at least fail to truly succeed, do so for only two reasons: First, there are those agents who are too lazy. Too lazy to learn new skills. Too lazy to put in the time to succeed. Too lazy period. And for those agents, I have no sympathy. They should fail!

But then there are those agents who are not lazy — in fact, many of them work hard. They often work harder than their more successful competitors. They’re not lazy at all — they’re just working hard at all the wrong things. They are working hard, but they are not working smart.

I believe that success in real estate doesn’t have to be hard. It can be fun. I know because I’ve experienced it. I know because I’ve trained other agents to become successful. And success in real estate doesn’t have to be expensive. You shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on personal coaching or expensive systems to be successful.

That’s why I decided to share this series with you: Ten Steps to Real Estate Success. I am often asked in person by my agents, and by emails from our agents around the world, to help them to become successful.

There is a high level of frustration among agents today. Over the last couple of years we’ve had as many as 30% leave the industry, while only 10% fewer transactions are being done. And to hear from the survivors, you’d think we were nearing the “end of the world”, when in fact, the number of available transactions per agent is actually greater than it was at the height of the real estate bubble.

So why the frustration? I believe it is because agents feel like they have no control over their careers. The ones who are doing poorly feel like there is nothing they can do to improve their place in the business. Many have changed companies, invested in high-dollar technology, taken training, and worked longer hours than ever before.

Even the ones who are doing well feel as if they are on a treadmill. They don’t dare slow down for fear that they could never get their practice going again, or worse, couldn’t pay their bills. Most top producing agents are a victim of their own success and can’t stop the pace until they either burn out or drop dead from exhaustion.

Many who are successful are only successful because they work night and day, seven days a week, to keep their “success machine” running. Many, while grossing a lot of money, are spending it even faster, maintaining the enormous overhead of outrageous advertising expenses, personal assistants, technology and gadgets, and motivational coaching to prolong the inevitable burn out. If you ask me, that’s the very picture of madness.

I believe it’s possible — in fact, I know it’s possible — to be successful in this business, and to do it without getting on that treadmill. It’s possible to actually enjoy real estate, and to make good money at the same time! It’s possible to be able to predict where your business will come from, to start small, and then incrementally make adjustments so that you run your business and it doesn’t run you.

That’s what this series is going to show you. I’m going to challenge you to give my method a try. An honest try. I know that since I’m not charging you thousands of dollars for it, then many of you will assume that it is not worth doing. But here is what I’m willing to do: If you actually try real estate my way, and then you are not successful, then I will feature your story on my nationally syndicated blog, and you can tell the entire real estate world, “I told you so.”

And if it does work (and I know it will), then I ask you to commit to showing my method to at least two other people — that’s all. Does that seem like a fair challenge? I thought so. OK, here’s what you can expect: Over the next few weeks I am going to share my Ten Steps to Real Estate Success with you. Here they are:

  • Step 1: First Things First
  • Step 2: Planning Your Work
  • Step 3: Assembling Your Tools
  • Step 4: All You Need to Know About Advertising
  • Step 5: Understanding Real Estate Customers
  • Step 6: Calling Your Customers
  • Step 7: Organizing Your Followup
  • Step 8: Stopping the Slinky Effect
  • Step 9: The Power of Multiplication
  • Step 10: Making Yourself Do It

I know many of you will read this list and say, “I’ve already taken classes on those things.” You’ll be tempted to dismiss this as “been-there-done-that” and if you do, it will be a shame. I promise you, as someone who reads and hears our top industry trainers on a daily basis, that my approach is nothing like what you’ve heard before. You’ll see. So take my challenge. Give it an honest shot. What have you got to lose? The treadmill?

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