Thank You Letter to My Readers

Beginning a brand new year of real estate, I want to pause and personally thank you for following my blog, participating in our mastermind calls, for reading, commenting, and all the things you do to help us help the agent community. Many of your calls and emails have also been very encouraging to me. I truly appreciate all you do.

This past year, our blog readership has been the best ever and our blog community has risen to being on the radar screen of NAR, Inman News and many other prominent media outlets. Again, thank you. When we took on the NAR over the dues increase, you jumped in with an outpouring of emails and hundreds of blog comments that got their attention, although they ultimately didn’t care what we thought. Maybe if we were a bigger force, they would have cared.

That brings me to the second purpose of my email — to ask you for a favor. I’d like you to invite your agent friends to join our free blog community. I know it is a hassle to stop for a minute and send a few emails, so I made it simple. I’ve built a site that lets you simply put in their email addresses, and it will send an email to them, inviting them to become one of our readers.

If you will simply invite ten friends to join us, I will give you any one of my ten books as a thank you for taking the time. Oh, and check this out: After ten friends accept your invitation I’ll give you all ten of my books, absolutely free, as my way of thanking you for helping us grow our community.

This is the year for us to have a bigger impact on the real estate industry. This is the year for our voice to be heard. And this is the year to help thousands of struggling agents turn the corner and begin prospering. Let’s make 2012 the best year ever in this the best of all businesses — real estate!

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