Learn the actual presentation I used to list 114 homes in my first year in real estate — all at 8% or more.

Matt-photo-big“It’s true.  In one single year I took 114 listings, all at 8% or more in a market of 6% or less.  No builder listings.  No REO listings.  One kitchen table at a time.” — Matt Jones  

Hi, my name is Matt Jones and I’m a real estate broker and trainer.  Unlike many of today’s “experts” I’m actually personally involved in the real estate business at ground level on a daily basis.  I started in the business in 2002 and yes, I personally took 114 listings my first year and did $7 million in production in a market where the average home price was $103,000.   By my third year my single-agent practice had grown to become the largest brokerage in my market of Fayetteville, North Carolina. But enough about me.   Let me tell you about my listing presentation.

The reason my Ultimate Listing Presentation is so different from every other presentation you’ve seen is that I accidentally discovered the “secret ingredient” so to speak when I was a frustrated seller years before I ever became a real estate agent.  And that’s part of the reason it resonates so well with sellers — they simply relate to it better than the traditional approach we’ve all been taught.

Using my Ultimate Listing Presentation there is no trickery, no manipulation, no playing with prices to effectively “buy” the listing.  Instead, I address the underlying issue — the issue lacking in most listing presentations — of exactly how to sell a client’s home in the least amount of time and still net them the most money doing it.  The numbers speak for themselves:  Compared with the broader market, my listings sell in 55% of the usual time on market, and my clients  net  2.7% more money.

But my Ultimate Listing Presentation is more than just what to say.  It solves all the other problems with being a listing agent in today’s real estate market.  I’ll show you how you can find listing leads before every other listing agent in your market even knows they are selling.  I’ll show you how to quit chasing FSBOs and Expireds.  I’ll show you how you can become a real market expert so your clients will see that you stand apart from your competitors.  I’ll show you how to take your listings for a one-year term without putting up a fight.  I’ll even show you how you can take your listings over the phone instead of spending your evenings sitting around kitchen tables with sellers.


In other words, I’ll show you how great it can be to be a listing agent.  When I finally realized how nice it was to be a listing agent, I was on vacation with my family at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For a week I did absolutely no work, other than take a handful of calls from my office.  And while I was playing, I had two of my listings sell. How cool is that?!  There’s nothing like the feeling of your business running itself, making you money, while you’re lying on the beach in the sun, listening to the waves crash in and catching up on your reading.

This freedom is what led me to taking up competitive mountain biking (as you can see in the photo above). Maybe your dream isn’t to race mountain bikes. Maybe it is to travel, learn how to surf, get back to your woodworking that you love, or maybe just spend more time with your family! Whatever it is, the key is to stop trading dollars for hours on the endless buyer treadmill.

Imagine what it would be like to be the top listing agent in your market. What if you got to the office and did nothing but talk to sellers and negotiate sales? What if you actually listed two or three homes every week, without fail? I know it sounds like a lot of listings, but think of the freedom you’d have! And if only half of those listings sold, you’d close over 50 transactions this year!

Most agents today would love to experience that freedom.  Many are just plain tired of driving buyers around in cars but they don’t see a way off the treadmill.  Well, my Ultimate Listing Presentation is the escape.  Through 15 powerful yet easy-to-digest modules I’ll show you exactly:

    How I magically get listing leads before anyone else knows they are selling;
    The very listing presentation I use — what to say and how to say it;
    How to avoid FSBOs and Expireds altogether and still have plenty of listings;
    How to have your client actually choose to list for more than 6%;
    How to list for 12 months every single time;
    How to take listings over the phone;
    And much more…

And I give you unlimited access to the proprietary tools I’ve developed to make my Ultimate Listing Presentation:

    My Absorption and DOM calculators;
    My Market Appreciation calculator;
    My Advertising calculator;
    My CMA and Proceeds Estimate calculator;
    And Traffic — the ebook that pre-sells the listing approach before your appointment.

Best of all I’m committed to helping you learn my approach.  I’ll even give you my personal phone number and direct access for consultation.  And I’ll make you a guarantee: Learn my Ultimate Listing Presentation and if you’re not taking all your listings at a premium, I’ll even give you double your money back, no questions asked.  But don’t just take my word for it, see what others have to say:

man1Scott, Florida

Honestly, I didn’t think it would work, but I haven’t got a listing in six months and I figured why not try something new… I studied your approach and emailed your “Traffic” ebook tool to my prospective seller, and the next day HE called ME and asked me to list his property and at 8%! The icing on the cake is we sold the house two weeks later for TOP DOLLAR. I’m a believer!


woman2Linda, Texas

The simple use of market stats in your approach has put me on a completely different level from my competition. Sellers can smell the difference between BS and real market knowledge, and I haven’t lost a listing since learning your Ultimate Listing Presentation.  Part of me wants to tell the other agents in my office, but part of me wants to keep it to myself.  Love it!


woman1Hannah, Oregon

As a new agent I was looking for something that would make me stand out and help me compete with veteran agents.  Your listing presentation gave me the confidence I needed.  I love it that I’m new and yet I know more than any of the other agents in my office and I also love it when I’m the one taking new 8% listings every week and they’re wondering how I do it.  Thanks again.  You rock!

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