The Ultimate Website — It’s Better than Ever!

The numbers are in for last month and they are better than even we expected! Of course many of you know that our company has long been an innovator in the field of online lead generation for the real estate professionals and was featured by CNN’s Pulse on America program almost a decade ago as, “changing the way real estate is done in America”.

Still we’ve continued to perfect the science of online marketing and help agents generate their own business and not be dependent on national aggregators like Zillow, Trulia,, or any of the other dozens of companies who want to step between the agent and the customer and take a large slice of the commission pie without ever providing any real estate services to the client.


You may also know that this year alone we’ve added two important new tools to our Ultimate Website system: LCM Text and the Ultimate Home Search. Both were huge additions to an already powerful lead generation and lead management platform.  But new technologies just for the sake of new technologies is not our goal. Rather, our objective is to provide our agents with the ultimate in low-cost lead generation.

But in the area of technology, talk is cheap. Results are all that matter, and with that in mind, I’d like to brag about our most recent numbers. I believe, whether you use my Ultimate Website or not, that you’ll have to agree that these numbers are quite impressive. So without further adieu, please allow me a brief moment of blowing our own horn.

Our average Ultimate Website user generated 32 leads last month. Wow! Remember, according to NAR, the average Realtor® only generated 2 inquires from his or her website last year. But it gets even better. When we first started licensing our lead generation platform back in 2004, practically all of our agents needed to spend additional money on advertising to bring traffic to their LCM lead capture gateway. Today that is simply not the case.


Last month nearly three-fourths (73%) of our agents generated all the business they wanted using nothing but our proven advertisements on Craigslist along with our LCM Web, LCM Phone, and LCM Text technologies. In other words, not only is our technology half the price it was in 2004 but our agents don’t have to budget additional money for pay-per-click advertising like they did in times past.

Of course there are always those agents who prefer to “set it and forget it”, and would rather pay for traffic than continue to spend a couple of minutes each day placing free classified ads. Those agents who chose to purchase online traffic for the most part spent their ad money in two places — 13% with Homegain’s BuyerLink and 14% with Google Adwords. The rest chose not to spend a dime on supplemental traffic.

And here is a statistic that was particularly impressive. source 2While the bulk (77%) of our leads captured came from the internet using our LCM Web, still our agents captured quite a lot of offline business as well. Our LCM Phone technology still amounted to 16% of all leads captured last month and our brand new LCM Text captured a remarkable 7% of all the leads.

Of course I’ve always said that the best strategy of all is to cover every lead generation avenue and our agents can do that without spending additional money for each module or component. With the Ultimate Website system, when you get my website, you get all the other tools in one integrated package.

But frankly, the thing that makes me the proudest of all is that we are seeing agents who’ve used our technology in the past only to be sold on Zillow or Trulia or instead, come back again because unlike those high-priced lead generation companies, my Ultimate Website actually delivers what it promises and that is what makes me the happiest.

Our agents generate a higher quantity and a higher quality of customer leads while spending only a fraction of what they did when they bought leads from one of those mega-aggregators. And that makes me very, very happy. So help me celebrate our new amazing Ultimate Website statistics, by shooting me an email or calling me to tell me how it’s changed your lead generation. Who knows… you might see your testimonial in an upcoming advertisement!

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