Thinking of Quitting Real Estate? Help!

Last week I announced plans for a national agent competition that our company is hosting.  I threw it out there using a lighthearted, humorous approach… and for whatever reason, the response has been horrible.  Now I realize that this isn’t American Idol and I don’t expect 20,000 people to turn out for an audition like they did in Chicago on last Tuesday night’s show… but I know there are some of you reading this article who are struggling in your practice.

Maybe the idea of admitting to being a “Zero” was humiliating.  It’s my fault.  I probably didn’t explain it very well.  Let me try again. There are many agents today — you may be one of them — who either realize, or are coming to realize, that the traditional way of doing real estate just isn’t working any more. Many of the techniques that have become “staples” in our business, simply aren’t producing results any more.  That’s leaving many agents frustrated and many agents broke.  And frankly, it’s not their fault.

Others are realizing that they just picked a bad time to start into the real estate business.  Or at least they think it was a bad time.  Today’s economy, the tightening of credit, and the flood of distressed properties on the market, make it a tough time — even an impossible time — to start out in what in the best of times is a tough business.  But I say it is an awesome time to start this business, if you’re doing real estate the new way.

I know there are some of you who are maybe thinking of quitting the business, or going out and getting another job — not because you want to, but because you just can’t pay the bills doing real estate.  I spoke to an agent yesterday, who just left the business and started a 9-5 job doing something he has no interest in doing, simply because he’d gotten to the place where he couldn’t continue to support his family doing real estate.  It was very sad to hear him pour out his heart.

But before you give up, I want you to consider this:  Let us help you learn to do real estate the new way.  It’s easier than you think, and for those agents doing real estate this new way, times are not just okay — they’re great!  One agent in my office closed eleven transactions last month and took home over $63,000 in one of the worst months of one of the worst years our market has ever seen.  How?  He’s doing real estate the new way.

Have I piqued your curiosity?  Then think about entering our contest.  What have you got to lose?  We believe, and more importantly, we want to prove, that we can take agents starting from scratch or starting over, agents from markets all around the world, from big cities and from small towns, from low priced markets and from high priced markets, and by equipping them with the right tools and the right coaching, make them very successful.

So we had the idea for holding a national contest.  By having a national contest, and allowing other agents to watch over the contestants’ shoulders following the individual stories and even getting involved through voting for their favorites, we could challenge and help thousands of agents around the world.  Now how cool is that?  Not only would the contestants have the opportunity to turn their practices around, but they’d be helping other agents do the same thing!

Here is what we are planning for the contest.  First we want to select two teams — one team of all rookie agents and one team comprised of veteran agents who are ready to start over from scratch learning real estate the new way.  Of course we will want to verify that the contestants are truly starting from Zero (or near Zero).  We don’t want someone who is already a top producer.  So the selection process is very important.

Next, each contestant will be set up with his or her own website, telephone lead capture gateway, website lead capture gateway, client management application, and virtual assistant and mobile application.  This is precisely the virtual office technology package we believe every agent needs to be successful in today’s real estate industry.  And after putting all the technology tools in place, each agent will receive technology training and coaching until they are proficient with their new tools.

Then each agent will be given his or her own personal blog so they can journal, and post their photos and videos, sharing with their fellow agents about each step along the way.  And we believe that watching real agents, learning real estate the new way, in real time, with real struggles, and real problems, and real successes, and real emotion, will make for very compelling and very high quality training for those thousands of other agents who follow along.

We also believe that each contestant will develop his or her own agent following who are pulling for them.  And we also expect that many other agents will compete alongside our contestants, only privately. We believe that having the right tools, the right training, and a little friendly competition thrown in to add a little pressure, will be the recipe for turning Zeros into Heroes.  And that’s what we want to accomplish!

So, are you interested in getting a fresh start?  In turning your real estate practice around?  We’ll supply you with the right tools, the training, and the motivation.  You’ll have to provide the super-human effort.  But if you do, your practice will never be the same, and you will make a lot of money along the way.  And if you win our competition, you’ll be featured in, the largest national real estate trade publication, resulting in a great deal of national exposure.

What do you say?  Want to turn your practice around and help other agents at the same time?  Then send me an email to  I’d love to hear from you and I’d love to be a part of helping you learn real estate the new way.  Come on… let’s do it.  Don’t be afraid to give it a shot.  You’ll be helping not just yourself, but thousands of other agents who will benefit by watching you do it.  Come on.  You know you want to do it.  So go for it!  Send me your email right now!  I’m looking forward to talking soon.

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