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Okay, I’ve spent a couple of weeks “teasing” you about the Zero2Hero Agent Challenge 2010 contest.  Good news is we now have about half the contestants we need, so there’s still time to enter!  I know there are many of you out there who are hesitating… Part of you wants to be a part of the contest but you’re scared.  Or maybe you want to know a little more before going for it.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you a little more about what you can expect and explain just what we have planned for the Zero2Hero Agent Challenge 2010 contest. Drum roll, please…

The Zero2Hero Agent Challenge 2010 contest will consist of 10 phases or evolutions.  During the contest the contestants will each blog and record video for every evolution, sharing their victories and struggles for others to learn from.  But, even more importantly, those watching the contest will be allowed to vote for their favorite agent (pun intended) for each evolution.  The agents’ fellow contestants will vote for their favorite with the completion of each evolution, and finally, the Zero2Hero Agent Challenge 2010 staff will also vote.

We will then tabulate the results and choose the evolution winners and ultimately the overall finalists and the contest winner.  But the fact is that every contestant wins!  Not only will each gain valuable training and experience and likely have a phenomenal year, but all the finalists will be featured in a large media spread by, our media partner, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of free publicity.  Then the winner will be the focus of a feature article and interview, detailing the entire event.  Additionally, the overall winner will be given a free Virtual Office License and the opportunity to partner with to open his or her own brokerage.

Now, let’s talk about the ten phases or evolutions each agent will compete in.  Remember, the overall purpose is to learn real estate “the new way”, so we will begin at square one and move step by step, methodically through all the essential phases of real estate practice.  By the end of the final evolution, the contestants will have learned how to truly prosper in today’s Internet based real estate climate.  Here are the evolutions.

Evolution 1–  Getting Your Tools Together. This evolution will involve getting and setting up the state-of-the-art technology platform that will be the basis of all customer generation and client management.  Coaching sessions will include training and orientation on the technology, importing existing contacts, and becoming familiar with all the technology.  It is critical the each contestant get comfortable with using and relying on this new technology bundle, since it will be the very heart of real estate success.

Evolution 2 — Becoming the Best Agent. In the next evolution we will help each contestant with doing local market research and learning the key metrics for their own market.  The objective is to build a real knowledge base and a confidence level so each agent can become a top producing agent in their own market.  We will cover calculating true days on market (DOM), the absorption rate, sale probabilities, current inventory levels, average sale price, the market’s “sweet spot”, and finally, the market share and identity of the top agents in the market.

Evolution 3 — Building Your Business Plan. Now that each contestant is a very competent agent, it’s time to get down to business.  This is the section where we build a very specific business plan, from marketing, to time management, to what to do each day.  We will help each agent develop a vision for their success and then teach them how to develop their own business plan.  We will cover the entire process of reverse engineering their dream practice and show each contestant how to systematically make that dream a reality.

Evolution 4 — Marketing and Lead Generation. Next we will need customers, and this evolution will teach each contestant exactly how to get them. Each will discover precisely how to evaluate any advertising or marketing idea and how to set up their own advertising campaign.  By the end of this evolution, each agent will have a steady, unending flow of new customer leads or opportunities.  They’ll learn how to effectively do pay-per-click advertising using the Google and Yahoo PPC networks, and how to generate free leads from the internet using sites like CraigsList.

Evolution 5 – The Art of Prospecting. Now that each contestant has a steady flow of business coming in, the next step will be learning how to turn that business into closed deals.  In this section, our coaching staff will cover prospecting, understanding the real estate buying cycle, the sales funnel and the prospecting numbers you can count on, how to establish a relationship with new prospects, as well as what to do and what not to do.  This will be the most important evolution and most likely the one most agents will struggle with.  Look for some real drama on this one!

Evolution 6 – Referrals for Dollars. After finally finishing and mastering the art of prospecting we will take a little bit of a break and touch on making money with little to no work at all.  Each agent will learn how to make steady money referring overflow business and out of town business to other agents, and collect a nice fat commission check in the process.  Items covered will be generating referral leads, finding good referral agents, and writing a referral agreement.  Many agents today make a good living without doing any real estate, simply by being great at referring business.

Evolution 7 – Learning to List. In this evolution, I will teach our contestants my Ultimate Listing Presentation that I’ve taught to over one-hundred thousand agents world-wide.  Each agent will learn how to list at a premium commission rate — several points higher than their market average — every time.  They’ll also learn the secret to get their clients top dollar and sell their homes in half the time of the average agent in their market.  And more importantly, they’ll learn how to keep from having to spend tons of money on advertising just to keep their sellers happy.  This evolution alone will change their real estate practice forever!

Evolution 8 – Working with Buyers. Now that we’ve learned how to work with sellers, it’s time to move on to working with buyers.  This evolution starts with the buyer Interview, and getting the client pre-qualified.  Then we move on to setting client expectations regarding discounts, the home search, negotiations, home repairs, their mortgage, seller concessions, new construction, and many others.  We’ll also cover writing buyer agency contracts, negotiating, choosing your clients, and even working with FSBOs.  Skills learned during this evolution will be the difference between making a living and making a killing in this business.

Evolution 9 – Contract to Close.  During this evolution we will deal with all that happens from getting back the accepted contract to closing and settlement.  Subjects like inspections, appraisals, HUD review, preparing the client for closing, giving away commission dollars, and many more will be covered.  In short, contestants will learn how to keep every transaction from closing in crisis.  Agents will learn how to keep deals from falling through needlessly, and how to keep from losing a good part of their commission dollars along the way.  Very practical evolution.

Evolution 10 – The Real Estate Money Machine. During this final session we will address the “slinky effect” and how to keep it from happening.  We will review each agent’s progress and help them to make adjustments in their business plans.  We will re-look at lead generation, advertising, an prospecting metrics, with the goal of finding areas to improve and small adjustments to make.  We will discuss building a team, starting by referring business and then moving to finding other agents to build a team.  Finally, we will discuss not just the money we make but the money we keep.  This evolution will be the capstone on the contest and will prepare each contestant for moving on to greater success in today’s new age of real estate.

So now that you know more of the details of the contest, what do you say?  Are you unhappy with where your practice is today?  Are you just starting out in real estate and need some help?  Do you need to start over again, this time doing real estate a whole new way — the new way?  Did you see anything in any of the ten evolutions that you could use to build your practice?  Then come on and join us.  I promise that we won’t embarrass you in any way, and if you become a part, your business will never be the same.

And, if you win, your incredible story — your complete transformation from Zero to Hero — will be a national feature in, the top real estate news and best practices website, with over two million page views every single month!  You’ll have hundreds of fans and referral agents from all around the country, and you’ll make a lot of money in the process.  More importantly, you’ll be helping other agents who are too shy to enter the contest but will follow along in your footsteps in private.  So send me an email and let’s get you enrolled as a contestant!  You really will be glad you did!

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