Tony’s Deal

Today I was away from my desk and I missed a call from an agent named Tony who lives in Clearwater, Florida. I didn’t get his permission to share his last name so we’ll just call him Tony C. Tony said he’d been reading my blog and receiving my daily emails for quite a while and he was ready to try out my Ultimate Website.

But he had a question first. “How much does it cost?” (After sharing this with my staff I was told we get that question a lot.) I told Tony that the regular price is $199.95 per month for everything — the Ultimate Website, the 10 LCM web gateways, the 10 LCM phone gateways, the Pipeline client manager, the mobile app, and all the coaching and training. Everything!

Then I explained that we currently have that price marked down on our website to $119.95 per month (40% off!). I also explained that by pre-paying for six months, he can save two-thirds, since we know we have a longer time to recoup all our training costs. In other words for $399.95 (the normal price for two months) you can get the entire system and training. Confusing, right?

Here is what made it even more confusing. During our “12 Days of Christmas” promotion, we’ve offered several different specials. For example, yesterday we added the $400 Google Adwords setup and optimization for free with the purchase of the six-month service. In other words, not only did you get six months for $399.95 (67% off) but you got the $400 service included with it!

Then Tony said, “But yesterday I got an email that had the six-month option for $299.95 and not $399.95.” I told Tony that was true. But that the $299.95 special was not including the free Google Adwords setup and optimization that normally costs $400. Needless to say, with the 12 Days of Christmas specials it’s hard to keep it all straight.

But talking to Tony gave me an idea for today’s special deal. Today we are going to hold over yesterday’s $400 Google Adwords setup and optimization for free with the purchase of the six-month service for the 67% off price of $399.95. In other words, you pay $399.95 and I give you a $400 bonus so I’m essentially giving you my system free for six months.

But in honor of Tony, I’m taking it one step further. For the first five agents to sign up today, I’m giving an extra $100 off! So you’ll pay $299.95 for six months and you’ll get the $400 Google Adwords setup and optimization free. I’ll be paying you $100 just to try my Ultimate Website! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Not only will you get an incredible website complete with local market stats, social media tie-ins, and auto blogging — a website with more features than any other real estate website available today — but you’ll get the LCM system that CNN says is changing the way real estate is done in America. And best of all, if you are one of the first five to buy today, I’ll be paying you to try it!

Here is a link to learn more:

To get Tony’s Deal, use the discount code TONY5 at checkout.

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