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When you sign up with most technologies, you are lucky if you get any help at all.  If you do, it is generally a mindless boilerplate email response that barely or doesn’t even address the reason for your contact.

When I decided that I would license my LCM technology to my fellow agents, I did a lot of soul searching.  I made several decisions that have not only cost us lots of money, but have also set our company apart from just about every other technology company.

First, your success is more important to us that making the sale.  That means we will take however long it takes to get you up and running.  We’ll even spend time with you every day if necessary, until you’re comfortable with this new technology.  Some agents learn technology faster than others.  It’s more important to us that our agents use the system to make money than that we simply sell it to them.

Our typical support call is turned around in 10 minutes or less.  If our staff is on the phone, the call is sent to voicemail where it goes to the entire team and is followed up on promptly.  Email support is the same way.  Immediate response.  Why?  Because we are a company of agents helping other agents.

Second, we have world-class training.  That means one-on-one training, group training conference calls, and hundreds of training articles and videos from setting up and using your LCM to training on listing and selling real estate, advertising, business planning, and just about every imaginable topic.  Here is an example of one of our training videos.

Third, I make myself available to our LCM users.  Unlike most companies where you virtually cannot reach the CEO, I actually post my direct phone number on our website.  Hearing from and helping our agents is very important to me.  Here’s a perfect example of what I mean — an email from an agent who just finished her first training call and was amazed at just how fast she was up to speed.

So if you’ve been afraid to make the jump into the world of online real estate because you are “technology challenged” don’t be.  Our coaching and support come with our system and there is never any additional charge for our help — however much you need.  Of course we won’t sell the houses for you, but we will do our very best to help you generate online business and then help you get it to closing.

If you haven’t tried my LCM technology, I’d encourage you to try it today.  Agents who use it are generating an average of 2-3 new inbound leads every day without spending additional money on advertising.  It costs less than most websites and there is no long-term commitment or activation fee.


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I give away about 99% of all my technology and digital training content, completely free of charge, because I want to see other agents have the same kind of success that I've had. But one thing I charge for is my Ultimate Website technology. This is the web technology I created for myself that turned my real estate practice around overnight, and now I license it agents everywhere. But right now it's too popular and is currently waitlisted. Click here to get on the website as soon as possible and I'll notify you as soon as new invitations become available.

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