What Do All Top Agents Have in Common? (Part 3)

I can still remember buying leads from companies like HouseValues (now called Market Leader), HomeGain, and Service Magic. I remember getting the same lead that had been sold to three other agents, and I remember getting some “leads” that had only a name and an email address! I remember a high number of bogus leads. It was very frustrating, but I was desperate.

So I decided to learn how to attract and capture my own customers. Now we generate all our own customers using our technology — tens of thousands of leads every single month! Is it any wonder that we’ve grown so fast? And there’s no reason you can’t grow this fast as well. What it comes down to is having the customers. Let me give you an example.

Kyle Wilson

In Eagle, Idaho, we have an agent named Kyle Wilson. A relatively new agent, Kyle worked for a small independent company and had closed a very respectable 25 transactions in his second year. Not too bad for a new agent, I think you’ll agree. And Kyle worked alone.

Once he began using our technology, he grew to a team of thirty agents and started looking at expanding to other markets. Within two years Kyle went on to do hundreds of real estate transactions a year, and became one of the biggest producers in Idaho. The only thing slowing his growth was his ability to recruit and train more agents. What a success story!

So let me ask you a couple of questions. Did Kyle suddenly get smarter? Did he start working twice as hard? No. The fact is that Kyle is a very sharp and very talented guy. We simply helped point him in the right direction and helped him with a few tools to create a lead generation machine. He created the success.

And it could just as easily be you. Why not? Don’t you work hard? Aren’t you smart? If you answered yes to those questions, not only could it be you, it should be you! Why not?! But I know that for many reading this, the answer is too easy. Anything that sounds too good to be true, must not be. I know you’re skeptical. I would be.

But I also know that in our market we capture some customers for less than $1 per lead, and we produce our most expensive Internet leads for under $5 each! With customer costs that low, we can afford to attract and capture more customers than we will ever use. And having more customers than we can work gives us room to grow. It means recruiting and team building. It means increased market share.

But every agent is different. Some have no interest in building a large team, while others do. We have one agent who attracts thousands of customers, does the initial follow-up, and then hands off warm referrals to other agents in his market for a referral fee. He no longer works with customers directly but manages his own private relocation company! How you choose to work your business is entirely up to you. The key is that, with lots of customers, you have lots of options.

Okay, so let’s assume you have solved your customer problem. Next, is managing those customer relationships through the entire buying cycle. Nothing is more frustrating that forgetting about a customer for a few days, only to remember him and find out he’s found another agent. Maybe that’s never happened to you, but it’s happened to me, and it’s not fun.

“FavoriteAgent Rocks! I have been with them for a little over three years. No problems- no downtime- and they are there if you need them! I stopped doing floor duty, open houses (unless the seller wants me to) and farming to capture buyers and sellers because this program works!”

— Tom Bruno

Let’s face it: Most agents are not the most organized people you know. They need help — a tool that helps them stay organized and that keeps them from dropping balls. The reason it’s so important to use client management technology in today’s real estate climate, is that today’s agent must manage a lot more customers at any given time. Now, instead of working a customer for 2-3 weeks, they are with us an average of 6-8 weeks. That means more contacts over a longer time frame, just to do the same amount of business.

Most agents had a hard enough time just keeping up with the followup activities for a two-week supply of customers. Imagine keeping up with four times that many customers over a 6-8 weeks! Effective client management is crucial. Unfortunately, most contact management applications are ineffective because they take too long to learn or are never around when need it most.

We designed our LCM client management to be simple enough to learn in five minutes, yet powerful enough to be the only contact manager you’ll ever need. The difference is that our technology was designed by agents, for agents. Some of the features included are web access, task and activity management, email and text message alerts, customer history logs, and much more.

Plus, LCM is team-ready. Imagine your team or office — 2 agents or 200 — all working in sync with one another. Today’s real estate professionals are on the go all day, working independently, and communication can be difficult. Not so with LCM.

Now the team leader can generate a new customer lead, assign it to an agent with a click of a mouse, and monitor the followup and progress from his own computer screen. If that agent drops the ball, the team leader can pull the customer back, complete with all the working notes and history, and with another click of the mouse, assign it to another team member.

All team members have independent technology and yet the team leader can manage and oversee everything. From scheduling activities, to setting appointments, to viewing correspondence, to reading customer history, LCM is the ultimate oversight tool for today’s real estate team or office. But, most agents spend their time away from the office. What good is a client manager when you’re not at your computer?

If there is one thing certain in this life it’s this: Find a REALTOR® and you’ll find a cell phone! Agents today can’t be without one for five minutes, because it’s the lifeline to their business. So what if you could run your client management, your prospecting and followup, your activity and task management, and your calendar, all from your cell phone?

With LCM you can. You have your client management application contacting you all day long — reminding you of appointments, sending you new customer leads, sending followup reminders, emailing notes to your clients and other professionals — like a real assistant would do.

It is a real assistant… just a virtual one, and it’s the ultimate in real estate mobility. If you need to log in to your client manager, record a note, add a client, schedule an appointment, or look up a phone number or email address, you can do it from anywhere using your smart phone.

But what really makes LCM so much better than any other mobile application you’ve ever used is that it’s web based so you never have to waste an hour syncing your smart phone to your computer. It stays in sync. If a team member updates a client record while you are out showing homes, you’ll have the new information in your hands immediately. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Okay, now let’s talk about your website. Have you ever noticed how nearly all real estate websites look the same? That’s because agents have all been trained that “content is king” so their websites are typically overloaded with information about the community, the schools, the real estate market, mortgages, the company, the agent, the weather, and on and on.

We had an idea — what if we actually surveyed real estate customers? Duh! What a thought?! So we did, and we learned that all that “content” stuff is not what they wanted at all. They wanted simplicity and easy access to all area home listings. That’s all. And content typically gets in the way of simplicity.

So we created our LCM SimpleSite®, a customer-centric website to give customers exactly what they want. Simplicity and access to the listings. Our site also offers our visitors a free CMA and free listings by email. Simple, powerful, and the customers love it! We have themes available for most national companies. But what’s really great is that agents report that they are getting more CMA and listing requests than ever before. Less really is more.

But what if somebody put all those tools together? I’m smiling as I write this. Actually, somebody did. For the first time ever, instead of having to go to multiple vendors and piece together the tools you need to be successful in today’s real estate climate, you can now get it all in one place. Introducing LCM — the ultimate virtual office technology package for today’s working agent.

Now, in one application you’ll get our LCM gateways (state-of-the-art lead capture technologies for both web and telephone), our SimpleSite customer-centric personal website, our client management software, and our mobile virtual assistant.

LCM is the single most powerful virtual office real estate platform available today, at any price, and is complete with hundreds of training articles, videos, calculators, business planning modules and much, much more.

And instead of having to piece it together, LCM gives you a seamless and perfectly integrated virtual office platform, allowing you to operate your real estate practice wherever you have a computer and an Internet connection, whether that’s a coffee shop, your home office, or your car.

Now you can communicate with other team members, share leads, track your progress, write a business plan, generate new customer leads, refer business, log client communications, take online training, and schedule activities for yourself or team members, all from one command center.

Powered by our LCM technology, you’ll go weeks without ever coming by the office. Why? Because your real office is virtual. And that makes you more productive at what you do best — work with clients. Now how cool is that?! Because all of the components are integrated and interact with one another, the LCM technology platform is only available as a complete package. And along with the technology tools, we’ve included unlimited personal coaching and technical support, both online and by phone.

There really isn’t another comparable technology and support package available anywhere, at any price. So, how well are you tapping the largest of all markets — the Internet? Do you have efficient Internet and phone customer capture? Do you have good client management and mobility tools? If you don’t, the first step to becoming a dominant real estate agent is having the right tools. You really have to start there. Everything else is second to that. Even the very best agents without the right tools are struggling today. You don’t have to.

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