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What If You Had to Start Over?

What if you had to start over again from scratch? Imagine that the entire network of referrals you’d spent years cultivating went away? No help from your hundreds of previous customers, your friends, your church family — you had to begin again from ground zero. Scary, huh?

Or maybe you’re just starting in the business and so you are square one. Or maybe you’ve taken a few years off to care for an aging parent and are having to begin anew. Possibly your spouse had a job transfer across the country and now you’re in a new spot and don’t have a network.

Or maybe you’ve just gotten fed up with the way your real estate practice has gone and you think it’s time to start over. Believe it or not, this happens more often than you might think. And it happened recently to a friend and long-time LCM Success user, Sarah Miller.

Sarah was a very successful veteran agent in Phoenix, Arizona, who recently relocated to San Diego after being gone for many years. She had to begin again with no network of friends and previous clients to draw from. She recently took a few minutes to call me and we spoke at some length about getting her website up and running and bringing in business.

Sarah, because she has used our system for many years is excited about her new challenge instead of worried. Why? Because she knew that all she had to do was begin marketing her Ultimate Website in San Diego, dial in the advertising, and she’d be instantly as busy in her new market as she was in Phoenix.

After we finished talking she sent me an email that I wanted to share with you. See if you think she is worried about her ability to produce business in her brand new practice.

image00“Throughout my career as a Realtor, I’ve purchased and used a long list of programs, platforms and coaching in an effort to achieve a high-level of lead generation and improve lead conversion in my business…in fact, I’ve spent so much money on various programs over the years that my husband and I should have a couple of fully paid-off, his-and-hers Lincoln Navigators sitting in our driveway by now!!

Then I found LCM Success. It’s by far, the best lead generation, capture and conversion system I have EVER used in my business! It’s cost-effective, it’s easy to master and implement thanks to the superior A-Z topic-specific training that comes with it, has great support and most importantly, it consistently provides me with quick results and ROI!

Thank you for all you do to provide this superior product!!

Best Regards,

Sarah M. Miller”

Sarah, I am thankful for agents like you. Thank you not only for using my technology but also for taking a few minutes of your time to share your experience with us and your fellow agents. It means a lot to me.

Many agents would never share their secrets with their fellow agents for fear of there not being enough business to go around. Fortunately, you’ve been successfully marketing long enough that you know there are plenty of real estate buyers and sellers when you know how to find them.

Thank you Sarah, and we wish you continued success as you begin to build your new practice in beautiful San Diego.

Matt Jones

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