Working With Phase 1 Leads

We started this month-long series on prospecting discussing how successful sales people don’t experience less failure on the phone, they have learned to eat the failure and keep on going.

Then we talked about knowing your sales numbers.

And yesterday we talked about knowing the real estate buying cycle which will tell you exactly what the needs and motivations of your leads are before you even call them.

Now we are going to walk through my no-pressure approach to working internet leads who are almost always in phase one of the buying cycle.

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So let’s break down my approach.

I open the call with a simple approach designed to break down the “sales” barrier that many online customers put up when they hear a real estate agent on the phone.

Hi This is [Name] with [Company]. I noticed you were on my website this morning looking at homes and I just wanted to give you a quick customer service followup call to make sure you got everything you needed.


They will often respond by saying “Yeah, I got everything I needed thanks.” This opener is important because these customers are primarily in phase one of the buying cycle.

They are gathering information and don’t think they need an agent yet (they are right) and don’t really want to get sold by an agent. How do we combat that?

By being the opposite of a sales agent…we are just making a “customer service” call.

OK. Awesome!… Oh hey, the other reason why I called is that we have a new service where we can set you up to receive listings via email as soon as they come on the market. You will oftentimes see them before most agents do. Is that something you might be interested in?


They will respond with “Sure.” 75% of the time.

Remember, you likely caught them on your website looking at homes or gathering other information and you are simply offering a free and simple way to get more information.

It’s a no-brainer for them.

Perfect. Well, give me just a sec and we will get you set up. Describe to me your dream home.

Let them talk. People like to talk about themselves and what they want. Let them run out of words before you jump in.

Then ask a question that prompts them for more info and let them talk again. Once you have gotten enough information to enter a search and the customer is done talking, you go ahead and wrap up the call.

Alright. Well, I will set this up and let me know if you have any trouble. My number is [Number].

Now if you have gotten this far, you have done the hard part and laid a groundwork for connecting with this customer in the future.

We will discuss follow-up calls and staying with this customer as they move from phase 1 to phase 2 as this series goes on.

For any approach to work, you will need to make sure you have the right tools and training to generate a steady supply of leads to work with.

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