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That’s what everyone wants. Smarter, not harder. Let’s face it — what separates all top producing agents from the rest is not how well they write contracts. It’s not how well they know the streets and neighborhoods. It’s not their certifications or years of experience. It’s not about what they know or even who they know.

Matt Jones, President/CEO FavoriteAgent.com
Matt Jones, President/CEO

No, what separates the winners from the losers in this business is one thing: the ability to continually create a steady inflow of new business. Winners have it. Loser don’t. Winners pick and choose from among their huge supply of customers while losers settle for whatever crumbs they can find left over (generally the ones the winners didn’t want).

So let me ask you a question: Which are you? Do you have more business than you can handle or are you scrounging for leftovers? If you would like more business, what I’m about to share with you could be the most important thing you’ve ever read. If you have all the business you want and more, you don’t need to read any further because you already know what I’m about to share.

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Why should you trust me?

After all, what do I know? Well, first I’m an agent, just like you. (You’re welcome to read my personal story on the About Matt page.) I personally listed 114 houses in a single year, one kitchen table at a time — with no special deals from builders, my broker, or an REO company. I closed 61 transactions in a single year — my first year!

Sure, I started out barely making it because I was going about it all wrong — I was listening to all the conventional wisdom and I was getting the same lousy results as everyone else. But when I cracked the code to lead generation, everything changed for me overnight. It didn’t take weeks or months. It was instantaneous. One day I was about to quit real estate because there wasn’t enough business, and the next day I was trying my best just to hang on and simply handle all the customers.

"Changing the way real estate is done in America..." -CNN
“Changing the way real estate is done in America…” -CNN

And in only four short years later, after inventing a technology tool that I later dubbed “LCM” (for lead capture module), I grew my real estate practice first into a team, and then into the largest brokerage in my local market of well over 100 firms. That phenomenal growth ultimately landed me on CNN’s Pulse on America program where they claimed my approach was “changing the way real estate is done in America.”

Executives from Cartus, now known as Realogy (the parent company of Century 21, Coldwell Banker, ERA, Better Homes & Gardens, Sotheby’s International Realty, and now Zip Realty) flew to my office and offered to buy my company. I told them they were welcome to buy the real estate practice, but I would not sell them our lead capture technology. Why? Because one company shouldn’t be able to lock down a huge competitive advantage and then use it to generate leads to sell to their own agents. I told them I wasn’t selling.

So that’s why you should trust me. If your broker has had that kind of success, then trust him. If another agent in your office has had a similar level of success, then listen to him. Unlike most real estate trainers and nearly all real estate technology companies, I’ve actually sold real estate and I cracked the code to lead generation. I’ve personally generated hundreds of new, inbound leads month after month after month.

I’ve seen the same kind of success happen to agent after agent, and it can happen to you too. Trust me when I tell you that other agents in your office are not going to show you (assuming they even know how). If they know how to generate tons of business they are certainly not going to share it with their competitor. In all my years in this business, I’ve never once seen that happen.

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So How Did I Crack the Code to Lead Generation?

I thought about it like fishing. If you want to catch fish, you have to go to where the fish are biting. Today 94% of all home buyers and sellers start their search online and yet most of today’s agents are still fishing in the old fishing holes like sphere of influence, open houses, geographic farming, homes magazine ads, and the like.

Now think about this: If 94% of the customers are starting online, then all the other fishing spots combined only have the remaining 6%. That’s precisely why those old methods don’t work like they once did. Sure, they worked great back in another time, but the internet changed everything and if we don’t change with it, we are simply out of business.

After I finally realized that the customers had started shopping online I took a hard look at my website. Sure, I had a website just like everyone, but was it really designed to capture customers or was it simply a “cyber-business-card”? When I was brutally honest, I had to admit that it was designed to give out information and not to capture customers. In fact, I had a lot of visitors, but I didn’t get any leads from my website. I was happy to give out information, but my goal was to catch the fish, not feed the fish.

I searched dozens of companies for a website that was truly designed to capture customers and couldn’t find a single one. Reluctantly I decided I would have to design and build one using the best practices from both the sales and website industries. It had to include sales techniques like articulating a clear value proposition, requiring an exchange of value, offering choice of two yeses, and many others.

It also had to use website practices like heat mapping, customer tracking, lack of distractions, minimal pathways, efficient programming languages, and more. It had to be built in a manner that naturally helped increase the organic search engine rankings so as to eliminate the need to spend tons of money on advertising just to get traffic. (Now, years later and with millions of actual customers, careful A/B testing, and constant experimentation, we’ve developed what can truly be called the “Ultimate Website”.)

Anyway, back to my story… The results spoke for themselves. With a sustained capture rate 20-30 times greater than any traditional real estate websites, I began actually capturing customers from my website. Lots of them. And that’s how I cracked the code. It was guerilla online marketing. I did on a small and private scale what the big lead aggregators were doing, only being small allowed me to do it better. That was a game changer.

Of course, I eventually added phone lead capture, then text lead capture, and most recently, social media lead capture, but still, to this day, the bulk of all the leads captured come from the place where most of the fish are still biting — the internet. And if you aren’t capturing the bulk of your business there, you can be sure that one of your competitors is.

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Could More Business Change Your Life?

I want you to imagine how your business — no, how your life — would be different if you had an endless stream of new customers from your own website on autopilot. What if you had so many new customers that you could actually pick and choose which ones you wanted to work with? It would be like fishing and throwing back the ones that you didn’t want and only keeping the very best.

Imagine the freedom to actually turn away those customers you didn’t want to work with. Imagine never worrying about where your next customer will come from ever again. I’ve experienced it, and it’s incredible. And if you’ve never experienced it, you really need to. It truly is possible. You could be like me and be struggling one day, and the next day have more business than you can handle.

Let me share just a few real-life examples of agents who have made the leap of faith and begun to use my Ultimate Website. I will share the real-life emails I’ve received, not because I asked for testimonials but because they were so excited and grateful about what was happening in their business that just had to tell me:

Example #1: Jerry and Judy O.

jerry and judy oRe: We Were Almost Bankrupt..
Dear Matt,

Maybe you can use our story to help other agents. Early last year, our real estate practice was on the verge of bankruptcy. My wife and I have been in real estate for ten years, but as with many other agents, the past two years were very bad for us. I even met with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss our plight. I was sure our business was doomed.

We were desperately searching for a solution to our financial troubles and had even considered getting out of real estate. I don’t intend to brag, because I truly believe our success has come not only from the Ultimate Website technology, but also as answer to some serious prayers, but these numbers will make my point.

In June-July of this year (our best two months ever), we will earn about $62,000 in commissions, all in spite of the current economy. Wow!  How’s that for illustrating the importance of just focusing on lead capture?

Thanks for all of your support.

Jerry and Judy

Example #2: Matt M.

matt mRe: Quick Stats Update

Here are my numbers from just the past two weeks, Aug 28 – Sep 11:

? 70 new customers total
? 30 I actually talked to (some conversations were very quick or I got hung up on)
? 15 I set up on auto-email of homes

Right now, I have one deal pending from the total number of customers I’ve received. I had another pending, but it fell apart (I’ll sell him something else, so not worried there). I’m showing houses actively to about 5 buyers right now. And I have 52 people in total getting auto-emailed homes. In other words, a huge pipeline of business!

Matt M.

That’s right. Seventy new customer leads in two weeks. Plus, Matt generated all of these customers from free Craigslist ads. After receiving this email, I congratulated Matt. I told him that he was doing everything exactly right and predicted that he would soon be depositing a lot of commission checks in the bank.  A few short months later, my prediction was proved true with a second letter from Matt.

Example #2: Matt M. (continued…)

Re: Six Pending Contracts

Thanks again for all your help with everything. I have 5 pending transactions directly resulting from my Ultimate Website, and I also have 1 pending deal that was referred by a client I found through my UW.

You could say that 6 of my 7 current pendings from this month are from your technology. Very happy and very busy.

Thanks again,
Matt M.

Example #3: Jeffrey D.

jeff dRe: New City, No Connections
Dear Matt,

I recently moved from Portland Oregon to Orlando Fl. I don’t have a sphere of Influence. There are many gated communities with no Solicitation-Deed Restricted subdivisions. I’ve held open houses and I’ve got one customer in 24 days. Basically, this is as difficult a market for a new comer as it gets.

I just got your Ultimate Website in April… I’ve made some mistakes like putting my ads on Craig’s List in the wrong section. That cost me a week, but then I changed to your proven ad formula.

Now we have 10 potential clients and they are coming in like clockwork while I’m focusing on everything else. Like grocery shopping and helping my mother-in-law, or attending a builders open for Realtors.

I have not closed a transaction yet, but considering it took me almost two years to decide to use your Ultimate Website, one solid month of Craigslist and 10 potential clients, that’s exactly what you predicted.

Thanks, a few more little details to sort out but amazing how it does what you said it would do.


The thing to remember about these examples is that, among agents who use my Ultimate Website technology, their results are really very ordinary. Sure, these letters make an eloquent case for using my method to capture business, but I have firsthand knowledge of agents whose results with my Ultimate Website are even more impressive. If I used them you wouldn’t believe me. Could you have these same results? Absolutely, maybe even better.

Get the Ultimate Website Now!

Some Common Questions:

Q. Been there, done that!
Maybe you’ve tried other websites or “lead services” that didn’t pan out. I also tried my fair share hoping they would work. Heck, I nearly went broke on hope. But let’s be honest, you haven’t tried my Ultimate Website. With no or setup fees, and no long-term contract, it costs you very little to give it a try. Not trying it could cost you years like it did Jeffrey in Example #3 above.

Q. Why not just buy leads?
Buying leads from Zillow or other aggregators may work for awhile. But, if that is your primary source of new customers, then the very survival of your business is completely at their mercy. You need to be in control of where your business comes from. Ideally, you need a lead generation machine that you can turn on and off at will — whenever you want. More importantly, buying leads is very expensive. I’ve talked to agents who have spent as much as $3,000 – $4,000 per month buying leads from Zillow or other lead services. When they switched to the Ultimate Website they started putting almost all that money into their own pockets because most agents can generate all the leads they need for free.

Q. I’m not a geek and I don’t want to spend lots of time learning a new technology.
I get it. Most agents don’t have my technology background and the idea of sitting at a computer terminal for hours, or even days, setting up a new website and learning a new system kills any desire to implement my lead generation method. That’s why one of the most popular features of my Ultimate Website is that it comes “business ready” — meaning you can run your first ad, and capture your first customer, literally within minutes of buying it. View my own Ultimate Website located at http://mattjones.onehomesearch.net. I love showing agents my website because I’ve used it to capture literally thousands of customers over the years and it’s still set to all the default settings. Sure, the Ultimate Website is customizable. I could change the content, the menus, the colors, the logos, the capture gateway. I could change virtually everything on the site, but I’d rather spend my time training agents and developing new technologies than admin my real estate website. The Ultimate Website is the only website that you can set up in five minutes or less.

Q. But I might need help setting it up and getting started.
The Ultimate Website system comes with all the coaching and training you need to get up and running. But the training doesn’t stop there. Our full-time staff of agent-coaches is there to help you turn all your new leads into closed deals. After all, what good are leads if you can’t turn them into closings? Since we don’t have a long-term contract, our success depends on your wanting to renew. It is in our interest to make sure your Ultimate Website is making you money.

Q. It’s too expensive.
It’s actually too cheap! Sure, with some diligent research and a rather large investment of your time, and a large financial investment, you could certainly assemble a website system that has all four forms of lead capture: web, phone, text, and social media. Using the cheapest alternatives I’ve found, you could do it for about $200/month and you would have a pieced together “franken-system” and multiple long-term contracts. Or you could use my Ultimate Website for a fraction of that and not have any long-term contracts or setup fees. More importantly, the Ultimate Website system is all completely integrated so it is not a “franken-system”. Best of all, my Ultimate Website system is plug-and-play. It is ready to start generating leads the moment you buy it.

Q. I don’t like internet leads.
I don’t like working out, but sometimes we just have to do things because it’s the right thing to do. Whether we like it or not, today’s real estate customers are starting and staying online. We can either bury our heads in the sand and keep on pulling floor duty hoping something changes, or we can adapt. At the end of the day, leads are just leads. But today, most come through the internet.

Q. What if the Ultimate Website is not for me?
Then cancel. No system is right for everyone. Unlike most lead aggregators and technologies we have no long-term contract. You can cancel any time and for any reason with no cancellation fee or penalty. We believe that when your system works as promised, you don’t need a long-term contract to retain users.

Q. Do you have a reference for me to talk to?
Nope, sorry. We used to give out references of agents around the country who were using our technology but we had to quit. The agents who would agree to allow us to use them as references were so inundated with calls that it became burdensome. Some even said they would be happy to talk to other agents on our behalf if we paid them. The problem is a paid spokesman defeats the point of an “unbiased” reference. Then we thought about it: References are a bad idea anyway — I mean do you think we would refer you to anyone that we weren’t convinced would give us a stellar review? Of course not. So we decided to do something better: We eliminated our two-year contract and allowed anyone to cancel any time for any reason. With that the only thing to fear is the risk of not giving it a try.

Q. Why should I act now?
Up until very recently, we’ve had up to a four-month wait list to get my Ultimate Website. You see, unlike other technology companies whose primary goal is revenue, our first goal is our agents’ success. Don’t get me wrong — we like to make money too — but our mission is to assist you in growing your business as quickly as possible. So once we fill up a “class” of new members, we put my Ultimate Website back on a waitlist until the current class of agents has begun closing new business. Unfortunately, what that means is that we could go on a waitlist at any time and there’s no way to know when we will open back up. Maybe you’ve been waiting to take the plunge for weeks or even months or maybe you’re like Jeffrey who waited nearly two years. Everyone who waits to get my Ultimate Website has one thing in common. They always wish they had signed up sooner.

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